200,000 March for Immigration Reform


    Not too bad, 200,000 people are reported at today’s “March for America” in support of comprehensive immigration reform. In comparison, the Washington, DC Fire Department estimated 60,000-70,000 people attended Glenn Beck’s “9/12” March last year.  In other words, it appears that 3 times as many people marched for comprehensive immigration reform today than for…well, whatever it was Glenn Beck told them to march for (actually, against) last year.

    UPDATE: According to Change.org, “it’s just been reported that local Fox News is counting immigration reform supporters in the national mall at half a million!”

    • …and will be having a write up tomorrow. I think the major thing to note is that this crowd was very proud of American and had a positive message that focused on what’s good about America. This is in sharp contrast to the Tea Party folks who were screaming a slur about sexual orientation and the n-word at members of Congress yesterday because they didn’t have anything else to say supporting their cause.