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Bob McDonnell: You Go Cooch!


“[Cuccinelli] is a very good lawyer, I think he’s doing a good job as Attorney General.”

“It’s not unusual for an Attorney General to file suit.”

In other words, Bob McDonnell and Ken Kookinelli are BFF – best friends forever.  Sweet, ain’t it?

“We’re working together very well.”

“The Attorney General’s a strong conservative, as am I.”

“…people that would say things to the contrary about there being some strife between our offices simply isn’t true.”

“…if you agree with people most of the time, then you’ve got a good relationship, and that’s what we have with the Attorney General’s office.”

UPDATE: Also, see George Allen’s letter about his “friend” Ken Cuccinelli. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to see a guy who voted 96% with George W. Bush now embracing the most extreme wing of his party and the craziest views thereof. Sadly, it’s not surprising that any of this is coming from “Felix Macacawitz.” Still, it’s going to be fun letting everyone know how little Allen’s changed if he decides to take on Jim Webb for Senate in 2012.

  • Even if McDonnell disagrees with what Cuccinelli is doing he’s not going to say it publicly. The last thing he needs is to get into a pissing match with his AG. That’ll be front page news everywhere and distract from his goals. Besides, everyone recognizes – at least internally – that Cuccinelli has to be as high profile as he can be so he will be better positioned to run for Governor than Bill Bolling will be in 2013.