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Cuccinelli Turning VA AG Office Into Tea Party HQ?


Has any attorney general ever done so much so quickly to embarrass Virginia?

Ken Cuccinelli made national headlines earlier this week after dabbling in birtherism and hinting at prosecuting the president. Earlier this month, Gov. Bob McDonnell had to issue a public rebuke after Cuccinelli advised colleges it was illegal to protect LGBT employees from discrimination. Cuccinelli is also wasting taxpayer dollars by using his office to pursue a political, anti-science agenda in a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency. Three national embarrassments in just three months. Amazing.

And today, the National Review Online reports Cuccinelli is ready to sue the federal government once again, this time over health insurance reform:

I am informed this morning that Virginia’s state attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, will mount a legal challenge to the federal health-care legislation if it passes, contending the legislation is unconstitutional.

The Virginia state legislature passed legislation to exempt the state’s citizens from any federal requirement that they purchase health insurance against their will.

And once again, the question is, what does Gov. McDonnell think? As Lowell pointed out last weekend, Bob & Ken are developing a good cop/bad cop routine. Cooch does a song & dance to impress the tea party crowd, then McDonnell gets to look “moderate” by rebuking him.

And Virginia voters? We get to look red-faced, embarrassed by public officials who consistently put their personal political concerns ahead of the good of the Commonwealth.

  • Peter 2010

    Virginia Dems need to be careful not to fall into the trap of concentrating our fire only on Cooch, his wacky ideas and his wasting of Virginia taxpayer dollars on lost legal causes. McDonnell is more dangerous by pretending to be a moderate by comparison. McDonnell and his ideas are a dead end for Virginia’s development in the 21st Century.

    • normanva

      According to the website below, an official in Virginia can be recalled for the following list.  At the rate cooch is going he may be eligible for 2-3 categories before long. No sure what a recall trail is, maybe Lowell knows.

      On the other hand, having this wack in office can only help us win elections.

      Virginia:  neglect of duty, misuse of office, or incompetence in the performance of duties when that neglect of duty, misuse of office, or incompetence in the performance of duties has a material adverse effect upon the conduct of the office, or upon conviction of a drug-related misdemeanor or a misdemeanor involving a “hate crime” (§24.2-233)

      Virginia is not listed as a recall state because its process, while requiring citizen petitions, allows a recall trial rather than an election


  • JobyTodd

    what an @$$

  • Previously, I just thought he was bonkers but smart. Now, I’m not so sure.

  • normanva

    Does this mean when the law passes, cooch will also challenge it saying it is illegal because Obama signed it (remember acording to cooch, Obama hasn’t proved he was born in the US)? This wack has only been in office for 2 months, this is going to be a LONG 4 years.

  • pa2vadem

    When I was in Australia I was introduced to a bird called the Kookaburra (Sp?). It is a loud and raucous bird that can be heard throughout the forest. When I was in Girl Scouts we sang a song dedicated to this bird. The Australian rock group Men at Work used this song as a riff in their hit song “Down Under”. This bird reminds me of a certain Virginia Attorney General.

    So with apologies to Australia here goes:

    Cuccinelli sits in the AG office

    Passing crazy rules that he can proffer

    Laugh Cuccinelli laugh Cuccinelli

    Let Virginia suffer

    Cuccinelli sits in the AG office

    Criticizing gays and women in office

    Stop Cuccinelli stop Cuccinelli

    Save Virginia’s rep

  • leedynamo

    We can’t take 4 years of this idiot.  I think we should find something like a petition that won’t require an excessive amount of energy.  I guess the focus should be on making a political statement.  Then, depending on how much reaction/support there is for a petition, we should consider hounding this idiot.

    I think it should not be Democratic Party connected.

    There should be no approach to the Democratic Party.

    He is an extremist and an escalating strategy of confrontation should, in my opinion, be considered.