Krystal Ball Romps Again, Nabs 16 More Delegates


    Good news courtesy of Sean Holihan. Congratulations to Krystal Ball, quickly becoming the inevitable nominee in the 1st CD!

    UPDATE: Marc Broklawski calls out the Robinson campaign on its “sore-loser act” and adds that they “should be ashamed at the way they have conducted themselves throughout this entire process.”  He concludes, “There really is only one option left for Scott to salvage his reputation and any dignity he may have left: get behind Krystal and exit this race.” Ouch. The truth hurts.

    • Tom

      I met Scott at a Prince William County Dem. Committee meeting and his pitch convinced me that his positions on all crucial issues are much too close to GOP positions to be considered anything other than a DINO. That alone would make it very difficult to energize grassroots supporters, with no way for him or volunteers to show a distinction between the GOP incumbent and himslef if he were to win in the convention. Personally, I don’t see why he doesn’t just run as an R or an I.

      One of his supporters (in Prince william County) told me he thinks the 1st CD is too conservative for a Dem. to win by following the core Dem. principles, most of which which Scott has made clear that doesn’t personally agree with anyway. If he were elected I have no doubt that he would vote against most Dem. initiatives – we really don’t need any more Republican Lite candidates, although I’m not sure I’d call Scott Republican Lite, maybe “Regular” but not quite “Heavy”.

      I met Krystal Ball at a Fauquier County Dem. Committee meeting late last year and I gotta say she really energized me. If I could spare the time from Gerry Connolly’s CD-11 campaign I’d be heading for Williamsburg (the south end of the 1st CD) to recruit some W&M students and help her as soon as she receives the nomination. As for Scott, I think his charge that the Stafford County delegate selection caucus was “rigged” speaks volumes about him and his loyalty (or lack thereof)to the party.

      Maybe my subject line isn’t correct. His statements might actually help emphasize the great difference between Krystal and Scott in terms of issue positions, loyalty to core Dem. principles, and how to run a positive campaign that grassroots supporters can feel good about.