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Protest Cooch Today at GMU Law School


Today starting at 4 pm in Arlington, you can protest Ken Cuccinelli, who will be speaking at the GMU Law School. Join Del. Adam Ebbin, Arlington County Board Chairman Jay Fisette, (possibly) 2009 Democratic Attorney General nominee Steve Shannon, and many others to protest Cooch’s anti-GLBT policies, “specifically…his opinion letter to the Presidents, Rectors and Visitors of Virginia’s Public Colleges and Universities urging them to delete sexual orientation from their nondiscrimination policies.” As the flyer says, Cuccinelli’s stance on this issue “is bad for Virginia’s economy, is out of touch with reality, and threatens the competitiveness, reputation and accreditation status of all of Virginia’s public Universities.” Other than that, it’s brilliant!

P.S. If you need any more motivation to protest Cooch, click here and read about Cooch’s wild hypocrisy when it comes to health care for his family vs. health care for everyone else’s families.

UPDATE: Also, see Barnie Day’s column, “Cooch Quixote.”  It begins, “Thank you for filing suit against the health care bill.  You make Virginia-and Bull Conner-proud. Say, where are those water hoses and big German shepherds when we need them?”  Ouch.

UPDATE #2: David Englin has launched a campaign “to encourage Virginians who support health care reform to urge Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to abandon his threat to file a lawsuit against the U.S. Government.” Check it out.

  • JobyTodd

    So the state can spend whatever it wants to remove the various burrs lodged up the AG’s ****, but we can’t fund the basic obligations like education, transportation, and public safety? What a freaking embarrassment.  

  • If I have time to make a sign, suggestions on what it should say?

  • TomPaine

    He will destroy the Republican Party in Virginia by demonstrating that they are the worthy descendents of the Know-nothing of the mid-1800s.