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Virginia Is For…Birthers?


Virginia may be “for lovers” generally speaking, but within the Virginia GOP, it appears to be more for “birthers” than for “lovers” (certainly not gay lovers!). First Cooch, now there’s this.

I asked {2nd CD Republican candidate Ben Loyola} point blank if Barack Obama was a natural born United States citizen. His response: “I’m not sure, and that troubles me.”

Another “cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs” Republican, I guess that’s not a shocker these days. What about the likely 2nd CD Republican nominee, Ken Cuccinelli clone Scott Rigell, does he also doubt that President Obama was born in the United States? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

  • normanva

    I’m back Lowell, no more swingvoter as I can’t imagine myself voting republican at this time.  It’s pretty obvious what this silly game is, ignore facts and just plant doubts in the mind of the gullible.

  • leedynamo

    We are going to share our good ideas while the other side plays around in their mud puddles and other silly places.  Let them whine and moan about irrelevant blah blah.  I am done calling for the night.  Tired.  Health Care is going to pass.