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Bob McDonnell: Oil Spill Disaster? Who Cares? Drill Baby Drill!


This sums up pretty much everything that’s wrong with Bob McDonnell.

Gov. Bob McDonnell said this morning that the fatal oil well accident off Louisiana’s coast was a “catastrophic event,” but it will not deter him from trying to make Virginia the first state on the East Coast to begin drilling for oil and natural gas.

“This is certainly a setback, but I certainly continue to be dedicated to making us first to drill, 2012 at the latest, and over the next couple years these safety and environmental issues will be addressed,” McDonnell said on his monthly radio show on WRVA.

Tone deaf. Clueless. Completely uncaring about protecting Virginia’s environment, beaches, tourism, fishing, etc. Wildly irresponsible. Ideologically driven. Arrogant. Ignorant. And those are some of Bob McDonnell’s better qualities!  Hey, who cares about that 200,000 gallons per day of oil leaking in the Gulf of Mexico (and threatening to decimate wildlife refuges, fishing, tourism, etc.)?  Who cares that the same thing could easily happen right off the coast of Virginia Beach?  Bob McDonnell certainly doesn’t give a rat’s hindquarters. Instead, McDonnell says, “meh, it’s a minor setback; drill baby drill!”  

Bob McDonnell: giving new meaning to the phrase “natural disaster.”

UPDATE: Florida Governor Crist (R) has this to say about the oil spill. “It’s clearly not clean enough after we saw what we saw today — that’s horrific — and it certainly isn’t safe enough. It’s the opposite of safe.” Why does Charlie Crist understand this but Bob McDonnell seems incapable of doing so?

  • Oil spill prompts delay in offshore safety awards ceremony http://bit.ly/9jADdG

  • pvogel

    The modus operenmdi, is get someone else to pay to build it, reap all the money, and flee  the county when it blows up

  • tx2vadem

    What is the risk (that is to say probability of peril) of this were we to explore and produce off our shores?  And further what is even the chance that a ultra-deep water spill 80+ miles off our coast is going to wash up on VA shores or enter the Chesapeake?  

    MMS continually keeps track of spill information.  This is there summary response to spills in the 5 year plan:

    Is offshore energy exploration a major source of ocean pollution?

    No. The record of the last 50 years, but particularly in the last 20, shows the offshore industry is one of the safest industrial activities in the United States. A recent study by the National Academy of Sciences reports that in the last 15 years there were zero platform spills greater than 1,000 barrels. Compared to worldwide tanker spill rates, outer continental shelf operations are more than five times safer. Imports present an environmental risk of spills about 13 times greater than domestic production. In fact, annual natural seeps account for 150-175 times more oil in the ocean than OCS oil and gas operations.

    I agree wholeheartedly with a speech that Senator Mary Landrieu (D) gave today on the senate floor.  The full speech is here.  But the crux of the message is:

    We must react to this disaster in a measured, but right way. We must apply the lessons of past tragedies to this one, so we can make the best and wisest decisions that will instruct us about how to move forward. I don’t believe we can react in fear. I don’t believe that we should retreat.