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Do Webb and Warner Favor Closing Gun Show Loophole?


According to the Washington Post, “A group that includes victims of the Virginia Tech massacre and their families said Monday that Sen. Jim Webb (D-Virginia) met privately with them and gave his commitment to support a federal law requiring that buyers at gun shows undergo background checks before purchasing firearms.” Yesterday, however, Webb’s office issued a statement that “was noncommital about Webb’s support for the so-called gun show loophole.”  

As far as Sen. Warner is concerned, “family members met with Warner on June 9 and he was noncommittal on the issue.”  His office also issued a statement yesterday:

Senator Warner has a record of supporting Second Amendment rights and he will weigh any future proposals that come before the full Senate. He also will continue to work for full funding to make sure the National Instant Criminal Background Check System is complete and up-to-date – improvements that were mandated by Congress following the 2007 Virginia Tech tragedy.

Can anyone translate that from “politician” into “English?” Heh.

  • tentwenty

    neither one of our Senators are willing to a damn thing about guns at all in Virginia.

    It’s only been 3 years since the VTech shootings, and since then we have done absolutely jack shit to ensure that it does not happen again.  Our senators and former governor Tim Kaine claim they sympathize with the families, but actually doing something to stop guns from being bought by people who should not be purchasing them??  Oh heavens no we can’t do anything about that.  Now why don’t you Virginians leave us alone while your mental health budgets continue to get cut across the state as well?

    Being able to walk into a gun show and buying a gun without a background check should be an immediate wake-up call to anyone that possibly someone could buy guns who wouldn’t be able to anywhere else; however, god forbid our elected leaders actually enact any sort of limitation on purchasing guns in Virginia, or even take a position on the matter.

    At this rate Webb isn’t even going to introduce his precious prison reform bill.  And if he does, I wouldn’t be surprised if he just clams up about it once it gets talked about.  God forbid he wants people to think he stands up for something.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    This is simply further proof that Virginia is a state where any mention of gun control is political poison, at least in certain parts of the Commonwealth.

    Sadly, the NRA and its allies prove every year that they have enormous political clout.