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Have the Capitals Entered Their Own Pink Hat Era?


The Green Miles grew up in Boston & during my high school years, I took full advantage of the Red Sox sucking. The team finished an average of 4th & while attendance remained strong at 30,000 a night, there were plenty of cheap seats & standing-room-only tickets for a kid with $10 & a T pass.

By the time the Red Sox had won World Series in 2004 & 2007, you could add a 0 to the end of that ticket price. Hardcore fans were priced out as going to Red Sox games became the trendy thing to do. Attendance was less a statement of your dedication as a fan than a fashion statement. The wave of new fans became known by itsDouchiest Caps fan ever on Twitpic most recognizable symbol — the Pink Hats.

I couldn’t help but think of that brand-new-baseball-cap-and-chinos crowd on Friday evening as I walked past this fan sitting outside a wine bar near the Verizon Center. Apologies for the low-quality cell phone pic, but imagine a Frasier Crane lookalike in a pastel polo shirt with a brand-new, still-stiff Alex Ovechkin jersey folded neatly over his shoulders. Horrifying, but telling — it seems like DC’s Gallery Place neighborhood is overrun the night of every Caps game with fans who only know the Red Line as what they took to the game.

As the Caps prepare to close out the Canadiens tonight (knock on Eric Belanger’s new teeth), I kick of this Caps open thread with a question: Is Caps fandom at risk of being overrun — and possibly even defined — by bandwagon fans like this guy?

  • Yes, I agree the Pink Hat term is sexist, but that’s the term everybody uses. My best friend & I prefer the Flat Brim Society, for all the guys we never realized were from Boston until they started wearing brand-new Red Sox caps when they started winning World Series (like this moron).

  • jack

    No-one jumped on the Sidewinders’ bandwagon a few years ago when they won the AAA World Series, and does ANY team have a cooler hat than the Las Vegas 51s?

  • leftspace13

    goes in cycles, the jagr years were pretty bad with bandwagoners, but at least his sucking cleared out a bit of chaff.

    ticket prices went parabolic for the ’09-’10 season last summer, though i must say when the arena opened back in ’98, all the old season ticket holders got pushed to the upper bowl.  since then the lower bowl has always been for k streeters and corporate animals out to show their trophy arm candy (not a sexist statement, but an observation of a sexist culture, thankyouverymuch) some weird “extreme” experience — but such is the way of all new arenas.  

    that said, the game 7 loss to the penguins last year was a watershed experience, the crowd stuck around at the end of the game and gave the team a 10-minute standing O.  for a usually skins-only city, that was pretty moving.

    obviously such love could retract if the caps become the san jose sharks of 2010 with an early exit wednesday night.  i’d really like to throw the president’s trophy in the potomac right about now.