Home Virginia Politics Jeff Schapiro: “Bob McDonnell’s favorite president is a big government guy”

Jeff Schapiro: “Bob McDonnell’s favorite president is a big government guy”


Jeff Schapiro points out that “Gov. Bob McDonnell likes to quote George Washington, except for the part about federal supremacy over rebellious states.” Schapiro also quotes Washington’s “choice words” regarding Virginia’s “unique hostility towards the national government.” According to George Washington, “it is the most malignant…the most unwarrantable disposition.” The same words could very well be applied to Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli today.  One final quote from George Washington pertains to the infamous Whiskey Rebellion: “Should the anti-taxers prevail, republican government might perish in one stroke.” As Jeff Schapiro notes, Bob McDonnell doesn’t talk about “that George Washington.” Gee, I wonder why not.

  • So…George Washington is in favor of big government because he used force to enforce a valid tax against those who were rebelling against it? And because he thought that hostility towards the federal government was unwarranted?


    You’re acting like Bob McDonnell is a Jefferson Davis disciple.

    Washington is my second favorite President, next to Theodore Roosevelt. The fact that Washington wanted the federal government to succeed – a government that he fought to establish, helped draft and first led – doesn’t make him a fan of “big government.” Hell, even Alexander Hamilton, Mr. Big Government, would probably be appalled with how big it has grown today.  

    • TomPaine

      “Federalist Party” (which inconveniently for Brian,  favored a strong central government) and the party opposing a strong central government was the “Anti-federalist” Party headed by Brian’s least favorite president, Thomas Jefferson. The Teabaggers of that day were the Whiskey Rebellers.

      I might add that Brian’s political hero, Alexander

      Hamilton (Washington’s puppeteer and a founding father), actually favored a monarchy.

      From a political theory aspect, Washington and Hamilton’s governmental theories are as much or more an embarrassment to today’s Republicans as Jefferson’s are to many Democrats. Indeed many Virginia Repoublicans today favorable cite Jefferson as the source for their own theory of smnall governmennt.