Home Virginia Politics Jeff Schapiro: “Will voter anger sweep Webb out?”

Jeff Schapiro: “Will voter anger sweep Webb out?”


Personally, I think it’s far, far too early to say much intelligent about Jim Webb’s reelection chances in 2012. For starters, how much “voter anger” will there be at that point, and who will that anger be directed at? Who knows. Second, who will the Republicans nominate to run against Webb (assuming Webb even runs for reelection)? If it’s George Allen, how does he get beyond “macaca” and all the other reasons he lost the last time around? If it’s “Sideshow Bob” Marshall, can a guy even further to the right than “Felix Macacawitz” get elected in Virginia?  Finally, how popular will President Obama be by 2012, since he’ll be on the ballot along with Webb?  At this point, it’s extremely difficult to say. In politics, 2 years might as well be 2 decades. Anyway, we’ll see what happens, first and foremost with the economy, over the next couple years. A lot of things will happen in that time period, we just don’t know what those things will be exactly.

Anyway, please feel free to use this as an open thread on Jim Webb, his performance in office so far, and his reelection chances in 2012.  

  • DCCyclone

    Anybody who is making dire warnings for Democrats about the shape of the 2012 election simply doesn’t know anything about politics.

    It’s rare that the same political environment carries over for 2 cycles in a row.  It happened in 2006 and 2008, but that almost never happens.  And predicting it will without a thoughtful rationale for it is truly absurd.

  • Old Redneck

    Saying that anything can happen in politics in two years sounds to me like the strategy behind the Deeds campaign.

    Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell have their sights set on Webb.  Or do you think  Coochy just waked up one morning and decided, “Oh, what the hell, it’s a slow day — let’s send a letter to colleges and universities about gay people, let’s sue the feds, and let’s speak at a gathering of crazy people.”

    If Webb is swept out, it won’t be voter anger, it will be a carefully planned and implemented Republican strategy.

    Reminds me of the months preceding the election that swept McDonnell and Coochy into power.  The Old Redneck tried FOR FOUR MONTHS to get a Deeds yard sign and bumper sticker, only to be told “yard signs don’t vote.”

    But what does an Old Redneck know about anything?

  • jack

    And most of those idiots can’t predict snow in Moscow in the Winter.

  • Teddy Goodson

    Two years can be an eternity but it can go by in a flash; time is funny that way. I agree with Old RedNeck. It behooves Webb and the Democrats to think ahead, and not just about Senator Webb, either (assuming he will want to run again). One of the systemic problems in the Democratic Party which I pointed out in “Hard Lessons” on BlueCommonwealth.com was the Short Cycle Candidate-centric mindset of the Party itself. Short-sighted short-term forethought is kind of an American tendency, more evident in the Democrats than, say, among Republicans.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Shapiro should remember that 2012 is a presidential year. The same off-year calculations that might or might not play out this year won’t be a part of that election.

    Every Democrat in the country – barring some unforeseen event – will benefit by running with an incumbent president…the one who finally got health care reform through Congress…and the one who is plenty politically savvy.

    Plus, Jim Webb has built himself a record he can proudly run on…including his update of the G.I. Bill. It is beyond ridiculous to speculate on that election right now.

    (Oh, I hope Bob Marshall does try for the GOPer nomination. What fun that would be!)