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Jon Stewart on “Union Victory Appreciation Month”


Of course, as we know, the right wingnuts have no sense of humor, even attacking a young, African American woman for telling a supposedly “racist” (yeah, uh huh – she’s “racist” against herself – lol!) Eric Massa joke. Anyway, even the humor-deprived right wingnuts might (big stretch here, I know) find this latest skit by Jon Stewart to be funny. With that, check out the video of Jon Stewart riffing on Bob McDonnell’s Confederate History Month, on the new “pantsless griffin mascot” for William & Mary, and finally on “Union Victory Appreciation Month” (“it just seems to focus on the tremendous ass-kicking that the north handed down”).

  • Hugo Estrada

    Fun, but not about the Union Victory Appreciation Month.

  • Teddy Goodson

    liked the profit motive. Imagine paying workers for their work, regardless of color or documentation. Imagine charging money for cute little memorabilia like the lawn jockey slave-owner (made in China?). Really must get one of those… See how this whole video should appeal to the free market theorists who sanctify profit (ie, greed) over everything else, even sentiment about The War. This has universal appeal. Right on!