• SuzyQ

    I’d like to thank Ken Cucinnelli and Phillip Van Cleave for all their hard work protecting our 2A rights. Both are true patriots.

    What was the point of showing all the people open carrying? It is legal here in VA, and as of July 1 it will be legal to carry concealed in restaurants and bars. Thank you Bob McDonnell!

    The video was a little boring, and didn’t seem to capture what you wanted, which was what exactly?

  • jack

    I carry openly quite frequently.  What’s the problem?

  • Otter

    Cucinnelli is a gunner – and plays to his base – no surprise there – it is Va after all…

  • im1

    That Cuccinelli is encouraging a crowd including insurrectionist militia guys and folks calling the families of Va Tech victims “evil” is news. It may not be shocking news but it is worth taking note.

  • Glocker

    Your video shows a group of citizens who are publicly exercising their first amendment right to peaceably assemble and their second amendment right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Constitution.

    And your point is … well, what, exactly?  That we’re boring?