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Kenton Ngo Photos of Virginia Young Dem’s Convention


Great photos by Kenton Ngo as always, this time from the Virginia Young Democrats 2010 convention being held this weekend in Alexandria. Enjoy the photos and thanks to Kenton!

  • Great event! Bobby Scott nailed the Republicans to the wall over their brain-dead “repeal” campaign. “What are they gonna do?” he asked, “Tell Grandma she has to crawl back into the doughnut hole?”

    I wandered around the reception to meet as many of our college (and even high school) students as I could. They all know what a mess Bob McDonnell is making of things, and even more so where our Attorney General is concerned. Steve Shannon was there and got a thunderous round of applause. They don’t like it when their home state looks silly, and they know whose fault it is.

    These kids are the future of Virginia. It looks very bright to me.