Kyle Blankenship Tweets “TEA Party” 2nd CD Debate


    For a live tweet of the 2nd CD “TEA Party” candidate forum, check out Kyle Blankenship’s Twitter feed. Highlights (lowlights?) so far (7:50 pm):

    *”[Scott] Rigell talks about accountability, gives out his home phone number.”

    *”Scott Taylor implies (thinly veiled) the Democrats intend to extend Presidential term limits.”

    *”[Ben] Loyola: ‘Obamacare’ adds a ‘huge new layer of socialism'”

    *”Rigell basically says all federal taxes are unconstitutional. Umm… Wtf?”

    *”Scott Taylor proposes billions in education funding cuts.”

    *”Every Republican, when asked, ‘vows’ to repeal health care reform.”

    Stay tuned, this should be craaazy fun!

    UPDATE: More craziness, as predicted.

    *”Loyola: there’s “no excuse” for unemployment to be over “1-2%”. Wow.”

    *”Republicans now talking about raising Medicare age, slashing benefits to seniors, and ending Medicare as soon as possible.”

    *”Whoa, Loyola calls The Fed’s actions “terrorism against America”

    Why does anyone take these people the least bit seriously?