Nye Gets Good News From Golden


    From Virginia Beach Republican Kenny Golden’s Facebook page.

    Kenny Golden announces his intentions to run as an independent candidate for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. Recent polling suggests a mood of frustration across the nation, highlighted by a disenchantment with and lack of faith in Congress. Yet, the two major parties offer only business as usual as their response to the people. The voters of the second district deserve a better choice, and that is why Kenny Golden has decided to seek the congressional seat as an independent. Leadership and vision are what he offers, not going along to get along.

    It’s hard to see how this move by Golden – former chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Party – isn’t good news for Rep. Glenn Nye (D-2nd) and bad news for likely Republican nominee Scott Rigell. Nye’s hope, obviously, is that Golden’s candidacy will split the conservative vote this November, giving him an easier path to reelection. Now, if we can just get Kenny Goldens to run as third-party candidates in every district in America, we’d be in superb shape!

    • teacherken

      where we have a 7-way primary for the Republicans, and there is a conservative who has announced he will run as an independent.  Thus in our two most vulnerable districts you might be getting your wish.

      Oh, and allow me to post the text of an email just received from Jessica Barba, on Perriello’s team:  

      Perriello Campaign Announces Most Successful Fundraising Quarter Ever, Nearly $1.4 Million Cash on Hand

      Donors Surge to Over 7,600 Individuals, Nearly 90% are Small Donors

      April 11, 2010-Ivy, VA-The Perriello campaign announced today that it raised over $600,000 in the first fundraising quarter of 2010–the vast majority of it from small donors–marking their most successful fundraising quarter ever. The campaign enters April with nearly $1.4 million cash on hand, a testament to the strong support for Congressman Perriello’s record of fighting for middle-class families and a demonstration of his ability to win re-election.

      With donors from all 22 localities of the 5th district, the campaign is conducting an aggressive, grassroots donor program focused on small (under $200) donations and rejecting funds from federal lobbyists and corporate PACs. The campaign attracted a record 4,694 new donors this quarter. That brings its total number of donors for the cycle to over 7,600 individuals, 88% of whom are small donors.  

      “We are both humbled and thrilled to see such an outpouring of support from so many small donors who are going head-to-head with powerful Washington special interests,” said Anna Scholl, finance director for the Perriello campaign. “With not a dollar of federal lobbyist money in our campaign coffer and over 7,600 donors, we are proving that a people-powered campaign can win over the big insurance companies and big energy companies that have dominated our political system for so long.”

      “Working and middle-class families of Virginia know that Congressman Perriello represents them, not the special interests,” she added.

      Congressman Perriello will face the winner of one of the most divisive Republican primaries in the nation and a conservative independent candidate.

    • JobyTodd

      Here are the choices:

      1. A Republican

      2. An Independent who will vote as a Republican

      3. A Democrat who votes as a Republican

      Guess who wins? The Republicans.

      Time to primary or go Green.  

    • Johnny Longtorso

      I wasn’t even aware he was one of the candidates running here. Scott Rigell, Ben Loyola, and Scott Taylor are the only Republicans running that have any real presence or visible support in VB.

    • Tom