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PWC Chairman Corey Stewart Compares Obama Administration to Nazi Regime


This Saturday, my Blue Virginia colleague Marc Broklawski attended a Tea Party rally in front of the Stafford County, Virginia courthouse. As Marc writes, “One of their featured speakers was Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart. This is the same person that recently sent a letter to Ken Cuccinelli thanking him for his frivolous health care reform lawsuit.”  Stewart is also well known as a rabid xenophobe, the author of the notorious “rule of law” resolution in Prince William County that was the basis for the film, 9500 Liberty.

Now, Stewart has gone even further off the demagogic deep end.  I’ll let Marc Broklawski take it from here.

With all the crazy things that Stewart has said or done in the past, nothing prepared me for what I witnessed this past Saturday from him.  There were many things he said that were non-factual and completely offensive, but his comparison of the Obama administration to that of the Nazi regime was outrageous (fast forward to the 5:25 mark).


For Stewart to even suggest that this administration is anything like that of the Nazi’s is way over-the-line, irresponsible and deeply offensive.  How the chairman of the second largest county in the Commonwealth of Virginia could make this despicable statement is beyond me?!

Wow, even for Corey Stewart – notorious xenophoboe and thug – this is really bad.

h/t: Leaving My Marc. Great work by Mark Broklawski!

  • Kevin H

    exactly has been beheaded for speaking out against the Obama administration?

  • Teddy Goodson

    for Mr. Stewart’s remarks (which by his inferences are bordering on sedition)? That he and his audience were utterly silent during the Bush usurpations of “unitary executive” power, a far more egregious assault on the Constitution than any laws passed by a duly elected Congress goes without saying. I have been saying for some time: These right-wing folks are deliberately plumping themselves up for an attempted coup, either directly or through trying to rig the upcoming elections. Their leadership is advising each other to stock up on staples and ammunition for the coming civil unrest. Do not ignore what they are really saying.  

  • People like Corey Stewart are just about publicly begging for more attacks on public officials. I mean, if Democrats are Nazis, isn’t it logical that Teh Crazies would try to cut their gas lines?

  • WestEndVoter
  • pvogel

    The republicans are well into a season of hate.   Future lrvels of hate will rise, before it falls.

  • totallynext
  • That would be the AWARD WINNING 9500 Liberty film!