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Scott Surovell: “The Gun Movement Comes to Fort Hunt”


Over at his blog, The Dixie Pig, Del. Scott Surovell (D-44) shares his thoughts on the “open carry”, “Restore the Constitution” rally scheduled for today at Fort Hunt Park in his district. According to Surovell, his constituents are reacting with “concern, fear, and outright anger with some.” The bottom line, from Surovell’s perspective, is that “writing a letter to the editor, starting a blog, or running a TV ad are much more effective methods of communication than staging a rally with a loaded and/or unloaded weapons in what is really a suburban neighborhood park just because you can do it.”

For all of Del. Surovell’s thoughts on today’s anti-government, “open carry” rally in Fort Hunt Park, click here. What do you think?

P.S. As the Washington Post story points out, “Those coming to the “Restore the Constitution” rally give Obama no quarter for signing the law that permits them to bring their guns to Fort Hunt, run by the National Park Service, and to Gravelly Point on the banks of the Potomac River. Nor are they comforted by a broad expansion of gun rights in several states since his election.” That’s right, Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress have expanded gun rights since they took office in January 2009. Why don’t they get any “credit” for this from pro-gun folks?

UPDATE: Rep. Jim Moran (D-8th, VA) weighs in.

The free association and gathering of individuals is a constitutionally protected right that all Americans should support, regardless of whether one agrees with the substance of the protest. Holding an armed rally at a public park however, raises major public safety concerns.

These anti-government demonstrations are fueled by the belief that our constitutional rights under the Second Amendment are somehow under attack and urgent action is needed. While this may be a powerful rallying point for special interest groups, the claim could not be further from the truth. In fact, much to my dismay, virtually every action the federal government has taken in the past decade has weakened commonsense gun laws already on the books.

I understand that the Park Service is well aware of the situation and is working to ensure the public’s safety is protected. I urge anyone attending the event to protest in a peaceful manner, respectful of the park and its visitors. I maintain my belief that firearms do not belong in national parks but unfortunately, that’s now the law of the land.


  • Elaine in Roanoke

    These people – ignoring the dangerous types that, thankfully, are monitored by the Southern Poverty Law Center – are very frustrated people from the far right of the Republican party. They lost the last election and can’t get over it. They said not a word about respecting the limits of the Constitution as the Bush administration and Congress carried on undeclared wars and trampled on individual rights regularly, in the name of “national security.”

    The Obama administration has LOWERED taxes and INCREASED gun rights, but these people can’t accept those facts. They don’t follow the line of their propaganda.

    This whole orchestrated hate campaign is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

  • Peter 2010

    “It is true that mere talkers have no legal responsibility when an impressionable, perhaps unbalanced, person decides to act on their vitriol. But those who say their words are only words, or say their hyperbole is justified to make their message heard, cannot pretend that they play no role in inciting the actions that follow”. http://www.politico.com/news/s

  • TomPaine

    “Why don’t they get any “credit” for this from pro-gun folks?”

    Because these people are bats–t crazy!

  • The Donkey

    of the “gun rights” movement is across the Potomac participating in the Second Amendment March.

    Even the Open Carry Movement and Oathkeepers have rejected the “Restore the Constitution” rally at Ft. Hunt  because of the mixed messages, the speakers, and the possibilities of trouble at this rally.

    Concerns about this rally are justified. Lets hope it goes off without a hitch, in spite of itself.  

  • kindler

    Y’know, I have no problem with regulated gun ownership for hunting and sportsmanship. But when did the debate move from there to armed opposition to the Federal government?  

    And having these rallies on the anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s terrorist massacre sends a dark message.  I think the government should watch these folks like a hawk.

    Patriotism — or sedition?

    • jack

      I said that 0bama had no choice in trying to re-institute the Bush policy, and that he put the Interior Department on the right path to satisfy Judge Kollar-Kotelly.  I was giving him credit for that.

      Nor was I saying that he had no choice in signing the bill.  He certainly could have vetoed it because of the Coburn Amendment.  Considering the support the Coburn Amendment had in both houses, his veto probably would have been overridden anyway.

      Just as an aside, I do not like this tactic of putting unrelated items in a bill.  Such things should stand of fall on their own merits.

  • snolan

    I am all for 2nd amendment rights, but what monumentally bad taste to pick the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing for the march…

    This batch should have their 2nd amendment rights stripped permanently for having such bad taste.

  • totallynext

    with sign – They’re terrorist – not patriots


    As LAS reports – there were more press than protestors – what a bunch of hype