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Since the Corporate Media Won’t Cover This….


Yesterday on the National Mall, there were tens of thousands of people (myself included) holding an Earth Day rally. But you’d never know that if you read or watched the corporate media today.  Imagine if there had been tens of thousands of people calling President Obama a “Communist” or whatever? That’s right, wall-to-wall coverage.  How about if there had only been a few hundred people calling Obama a “Communist” (or a few dozen if they had guns) or whatever?  Yep, same thing, wall-to-wall coverage.  But tens of thousands of people – I’ve seen estimates of 150,000 – protesting for the planet (or immigration reform, for that matter, or any other “progressive” cause)? Apparently, it’s not worth covering, in the infinite wisdom of the “so-called liberal media” (actually, the media is corporate and dumbed down “infotainment,” through and through).

Anyway, here’s some video of speeches, music after the “flip.” Enjoy!

P.S. To learn more about Earth Day, click here.

  • jack

    I can barely make out what she was saying, and it cut short.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    In order to get covered by the corporate media, there has to be blood, conflict, screaming red-faced anger, huge storms causing destruction, etc.

    The corporate media believes that a story only has validity when it either is in actuality the hidden placement of advertising – like the extended interview I saw recently with the CEO of Spirit Airlines about his “fee” for carry-on luggage – or there is what they term “good video.”

    People celebrating life and the earth, having a good time, being friendly toward one another is off-limits to the mainstream media.  

  • TomPaine

    if it bleeds!