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The End Result of “Drill Baby Drill”


I think Bill Maher speaks for most of us today when he says, “Every asshole who ever chanted ‘Drill Baby Drill’ should have to report to the Gulf Coast today for cleanup duty.”

Oh, and let me just add: f*** you Sarah Palin!

Finally, just remember, if “drill baby drill” (or should we call it “spill baby spill?”) afficionados like Bob McDonnell gets his way, the following photos could be coming to the Virginia coastline sometime in coming years. Let’s all tell him, “no thank you!”

UPDATE: According to Reuters, “White House says no offshore drilling will be allowed in new areas until review of oil spill off La. coast.”  Great, but how about offshore drilling in current areas using similar types of drilling equipment and techniques, such as failing to use acoustic valves as part of blowout preventers, as is done in other parts of the world?  Oh, and how about we make getting off of oil our #1 priority?  Until we do, disasters like this will happen again and again. Needless to say, that is completely unacceptable.

  • She, along with all her wild eyed supporters need to get down there with her bendy straws and suck baby suck ’till all the oil is cleaned up.

    Any word on Gingrich yet and his ridiculous Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less campaign.

    I’m not sure who sounds more silly.  Those two bozo’s or the API adds on the tube every evening claiming underwater exploration is so clean with little fishies swimming everywhere.

  • TomPaine

    We could always count on him to find a way to defend the indefensible. Perhaps he is only waiting for the RNC or American Enterprise Institute boys to send him the regular talking points!

  • Teddy Goodson

    are not Republican strong points (witness Iraq, 2d invasion of, as another example).

    I am sure everyone here understands how the entire modern world economy is based on petroleum, and that any transition from such total dependence is going to be a difficult process, and take time. That problem is not the question being addressed here, as the author of this diary explained.

    I regret to say that here today our resident Republican, jack, is, well, over-reacting in a desperate attempt to make some sort of snark responce to what is a very reasonable response to what, under the circumstances, is an outrageous situation, an event which was indeed foreseeable, and one which, at least so far, appears to have resulted from some sloppy safety enforcement by the oil company.

    What we have now is both a probable ecological and environmental disaster and a huge cost of cleanup which will be born largely by the government.

    OMG!!! Socialism! That interfering government, whose safety regulations were apparently ignored, is now using taxpayer-funded Coast Guard etc. to work on the spill. The oil company took great private risks to make great profits, but when the meltdown (or spewing out of a mess) resulted, most of the repair costs became the public’s problem. Where have I heard this before: Private risk benefits, that is, profits, but socialization of cleanup costs, that is losses.

    PS: Whatever the oil company contributes to the cleanup, you can bet much of it will never be spent, and what does show up will never come close to covering the true costs. The damaged area’s ecosystems and lives will never be made whole. No matter how important oil is, the growing cost of this continual ruination of the only planet we’ve got has to outweigh the cost-benefits of continuing on our present path.  

  • pvogel

    But I outlined this scenario 20 years ago!