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Who gets credit for Northrop Grumman?


Republican bloggers are racing to congratulate Governor Bob McDonnell for his role in “winning” Northrop Grumman new corporate headquarters and the 300 jobs that go with it for Northern Virginia.  Not so fast.

I was reading the Richmond Times Dispatch’s coverage of this story and something fairly leaped of the page at me.  The Richmond Times Dispatch is a notoriously conservative paper that is always trying to portray conservative politicians in the best possible light while playing down the achievements of Democrats.  It must have been with grudging respect for the truth that the Times Dispatch printed the following:

Northrop Grumman’s chief executive officer, Wes Bush, telephoned U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va., late this afternoon to inform the former governor of the company’s decision to move to Virginia.

Hmmm, let’s take a closer look at this.  With an important bit of very good news to tell, Northrop Grumman’s CEO Wes Bush didn’t reach out to Bob McDonnell with the big news: instead, he called Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Warner.  The meaning of this snub is clear: Northrop Grumman is coming to Virginia in spite of McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli, both of whom have done so much lately to make Virginians look silly in the national press.

Ultimately Northern Virginia was the obvious location for Northrop Grumman to locate.  The only real risk that Northern Virginia would lose these jobs came from the antics of McDonnell and Cuccinelli.  Pro-business moderates like Mark Warner were key to convincing Northrop Grumman that McDonnell and Cuccinelli are not typical of Virginia.  Wes Bush’s choice to call Mark Warner and give Warner his decision shows where the real leadership for this achievement came from.

  • totallynext

    Watchdog group releases updated contractor misconduct database


    Guess who’s number 3….

    Contract $

    (FY2009) Instances of Misconduct

    (Since 1995) Misconduct $

    (Since 1995)

    1.  Lockheed Martin $38148.1m – 50 –  $ 577.2m

    2.  Boeing Company $20135.3m – 36 –  $1588.8m

    3.  Northrop Grumman $17114.0m – 29 – $ 821.9m  

  • TomPaine

    Northrup-Grumman will fit right in with the RPV!

  • VA Blogger

    Why were liberals preparing their crosses and nails for McDonnell if NG went to Maryland? Either McDonnell was influential in this deal or not. If he was, then he should be getting at least as much credit as you’re giving Mark Warner. If he wasn’t, then all of your previous posts about McDonnell and NG were just hackish, partisan bloviating that accomplished nothing except satifising your knee-jerk desire to avenge your sour grapes against the guy who so roundly defeated you guys last November.

    You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

  • VA Blogger

    (Seriously, I’m not trying to spam you up, but this is also a legitimate point after reading the article you linked to):

    Where in the RTD article does it say that either 1) Mark Warner was the first one called by NG, or 2) that Bob McDonnell was in anyway “snubbed”? All the article says is that Bush called Warner “late this afternoon”.

    I realize this is is a partisan site whose objective is to push your party’s message first and foremost, but wouldn’t it be helpful to get all of the facts before making wild assumptions with no shred of corroboration?