Can Anyone Explain What Cooch Is Saying Here?


    Watch as Ken Kook-inelli is asked simple, direct questions, which he then completely fails to answer in a coherent manner. Can anyone explain what the heck Cooch is saying here?  I can’t, except that he’s being extremely evasive about his McCarthyite, anti-science witch hunt.

    • Teddy Goodson

      meant for his base, and not to “answer” a reporter’s question he no doubt considers presumptuous—- his admirers will admire his measured response, and regard it as perfectly clear: the Attorney General wants the taxpayers’ money back from a professor who did not return a conclusion that met the requirements supposedly laid out in his grant on the question of global climate change.

      Since corporations routinely solicit and pay for “research” that promotes either a product of theirs or an opinion of theirs, it seems quite logical to Cuccinelli and his business-oriented adherents that this describes all research, and if you don’t get the conclusion you want from the research, you don’t pay for it. They regard all science as fake anyway, so what are you upset about?

      There, that should answer your question: What is Cuccinelli saying here.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Well, perhaps Kookinelli says that he is simply seeking to discover if any part of $500,000 in state grant money resulted in research that did not support Kookinelli’s conclusions about climate change as reflected in his lawsuit against the EPA; i.e., that there isn’t any climate change related to human activity; i.e., that the carbon extraction industries that support the GOP with extremely large campaign contributions have absolutely nothing to do with climate change; i.e., that God has decreed that the warming of the earth is following a plan laid down for the planet and its inhabitants; i.e., that Kookinelli is – indeed – absolutely ignorant about science because science is of the Devil, not the Almighty, who decides what the planet’s temperature is supposed to be.

      To him, it is obviously irrelevant if UVa and the AG’s office spends more than $500,000 on a witch hunt that is basically ridiculous on its face. Nor is it important if “academic freedom” is attacked since God doesn’t mention that tenet in the Holy Bible.

      After all, Kookinelli, like McCarthy before him, is doing “God’s work.”