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Cantor Chuckles, Grins at “Domestic Enemy” Question


My feelings about this exchange are well summarized by these comments at The Plum Line.

P.S. I’ll just add that if Eric Cantor had been a sane and reasonable Republican, he would have scowled angrily at this heinous remark, at the minimum remained stony faced, then forcefully denounced it. Instead, we got Cantor smiling at a deranged question, briefly stating that “noone thinks that the President is a domestic enemy” (is that the denunciation part right there?), then going on to slam Obama for, essentially, being a “domestic enemy.”  Disgusting, as always. In Eric Cantor’s slimy, slippery, oily way of course.

UPDATE: Jake Tapper tweets, “so @EricCantor responds “no one thinks the President is a domestic enemy” and the @Heritage audience boos him! lunacy.”

  • Teddy Goodson

    Congressman, in setting up the fact that we are indeed engaged in a crucial debate between two contrasting and incompatible views of the purpose and uses of government, of how we conduct ourselves in a sometimes hostile world—- and there is almost no “center,” which is to say, no way we can have a meeting of minds in some mythical bipartisan fashion. This time it is different.

    I do not believe the Democrats as a whole, including President Obama himself, quite grasp the winner-take-all nature of this debate and, in a futile effort to encourage civility and compromise in the old way, will concede valuable ground in the beginning, and end up defeating themselves. They do not even realize the nature of the fight they are in.

    Warning: did you notice the phrase “domestic enemy?” This is showing up in e-mails and discussions among our military about their not having to obey unlawful orders. There is, unfortunately, an active group among younger officers (and some senior) that seems to be psyching itself up to disobeying their commander-in-chief if he/she issues an order they feel violates the Constitution (as they interpret it). They remind themselves that their Oath is not to the Commander in Chief, but to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.  

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    is hosted by the Heritage Foundation, a supposed think tank.  I say supposed, because there isn’t so much real thinking going on there.  But it is a way to put ideologues on the payroll and train them to be talking-point lap dogs.

    Eric Cantor is one of the poorest excuses for a Congressman I have ever seen.  It speaks volumes that he could even win elective office. WE have been calling upon him to dial it back among Repubs.  For over a year he stood by smiling his vacant smile as his associates went down the road to lies and defamation.   His presence there, and his smiling, laughing response to the nut cases, is really pathetic. And his saying what he did verbally doesn’t get him off the excuse for giving away that he was just going through the motions.