Democrats Save the Economy: April 2010 Edition


    As the DCCC writes, “There is still much work ahead, but today’s numbers make clear that President Obama’s economic policies, including the HIRE Act, which provides tax breaks for small businesses that hire new workers, have brought us back from the brink of disaster and are putting America on the road to economic recovery.”

    As always, Republicans create a mess, Democrats grab a mop and get to work cleaning it up!

    • Teddy Goodson

      and it needs to be trumpeted everywhere over and over and over.

      I do have a little concern, however: we should be careful how far out on the limb we go here (I notice we now avoid comparing the stock market rally to last year, thanks to the bizarre one-day volatility recently). There are so many factors that can shake our recovery, including problems in Europe and possibly in China, so that our major trading partners could drag us down all of a sudden. The psychos over in Republicanland are trying to talk us into exactly that kind of a double dip, and would be quick to sneer “we told you so; Obama’s failed again.”

      I hope, therefore, that not only do we make the point that things began turning around as soon as Obama wss installed, but that it is a fragile recovery, it is still on intensive care—- after all, it took 8 years under Bush to grind us down, we cannot overcome 8 years of mistakes in just a few months, so the government must  instantly if a double dip develops.  

    • TomPaine

      remember that Roosevelt’s pledge of 1936 to do so, in 1937 worsened the “Depression”.