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Dinner With McCain, McDonnell, and Malek Anyone?


Maybe they can talk about this or this while they’re dining on…this, perhaps?  And all for just $2,400 (or more, if you so desire; see the various price levels after the “flip”).  Sounds like a fun time — or, on second thought, not!

  • Teddy Goodson

    it seems—– I mean Mr. Malek, after one reads your links. Puts one in mind of other sociopathic con men and gladhanders (like Abramoff, for example) who populate the Republican Party, which seems fascinated by bullies and  thuggish wheeler-dealers who game the system and regard public organizations, especially government, as plump pigeons to be plucked for their personal enrichment. The only thing missing from the usual Republican scandal here so far is the poseur’s nauseatingly self-righteous religiosity.  

  • leedynamo

    This is McLean.  I wonder if Darth Vader might be planning to put in an appearance…..

  • pvogel

    Id rather stay at home and eat the pickings from my nose.  

  • leedynamo

    Billionaires For Bush should have this on the calendar.  I saw that fine family somewhere recently.

  • Va Breeze
  • The Richmonder

    I’m pretty sure it won’t be kosher.

  • NotJohnSMosby

    that the valet parking will be done by immigrants of a questionable legality?  Is McCain going to check everyone’s immigration papers on the way in?