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Jim Moran on Offshore Oil Drilling; Ken Cuccinelli as “Ideological Extremist”


In this video, Jim Moran explains very well the reasons why offshore oil drilling is a bad idea for Virginia. Among those reasons is that oil drilling would interfere with Navy operations.

Later in the show, Moran commented on Ken Cuccinelli’s assault on academic freedom. According to Moran, Cooch is an “ideological extremist” and his action against climate science at UVA is “pure harassment.”

In other comments, Moran argued that Virginia is “clearly…undertaxed” for our transportation needs, and that we really should have a higher gas tax devoted to transportation, particularly to public transportation.

It’s always an interesting show when Jim Moran’s on! 🙂

  • Teddy Goodson

    is how to describe Congressman Moran’s comments, both those in this video and various quotes later in the article.

    Is anyone listening? Our estimable Governor seems to be off in his alternate reality, cozying up to the petroleum industry. I suppose he will do anything for more campaign contributions—– never mind trying to fulfill his obligation to the Commonwealth or show any concern for its future. What does he expect to hand on to his children and grandchildren: a state soaked in oil spills and industrial waste like Louisiana, wracked by unmaintained infrastructure (because of his refusal to raise taxes to pay even for maintenance), loaded with debt, its highways run as toll roads by foreigners? One wonders.

  • kindler

    I have not always been a fan of his in the past, but I really appreciate his courage in speaking up against Cooch’s assault on UVA.  And I hope that courage spreads to other public officials as well.  

  • TomPaine

    it seems that these ideologues have not learned (and will never learn) that the “price of civilization” rests upon a responsible level of taxes.