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Ken Cuccinelli for Governor?


Does this video make you want to vote for Cooch or what? 🙂

P.S. In all seriousness, though, everything I hear is that Cooch will be running for governor in 2013 and that he will easily defeat Bill Bolling for the Republican nomination. A scary, scary thought.

  • jack russell

    He won’t be able to pretend that he is a moderate.  After 4 years, everyone in the state will know what kind of person he is.

  • martinlomasney

    Please don’t say anybody or Ward Armstrong, Bowerbeck or any other pro-gun, anti-abortion rural D.

    I’m thinking Don McEachin but I’m open to others so long as they can motivate the base and speak to the road issues in NoVa and Hampton Roads; the abominable graduation rates of Va. public university system; and the atrocious state of the state mental health system.

    After the disappointment of the McKaine regime, even Kook can’t scare me into excitement over a DLC type.  

  • Tom

    Compare a thinking man with a legitimate Business Plan for Virginia, driving an electric car made by his onw company and watching a windmill farm off Va. Beach generate enough electricity to power all of Hampton Roads, to a freaky man afraid of University freedom of thought and afraid of a woman’s breasts on the State Seal and a wing nut whose legal specialty is patent law,  and guess who the voters (who don’t like their state’s elected officials  becoming a bad joke), and what do we have ? Scary, or an opportunity to display a factual comparison offered up by the GOP candidate himself ?

    That could be a Two-fer if Corey Stewart, as expected, runs for Lt. Governor and Cooch runs for Governor, and they both go down in flames in the bonfire they both helped build.

    The first big step in making this happen occurs on the 12th of June when the Central Committee elects the new DPVA 1st Vice Chair. I just could not pass up this opportunity to again offer another pitch for Susan. And it’s really not off-topic, this is why we need the best DPVA leadership available to make certain that Cooch’s run for Governor does not become scary. We can’t allow it to get that close, and with the right leadership in the DPVA and our hard and dedicated work following that leadership it will not.


  • kindler

    I was talking recently with a Dem Delegate who mentioned that, while in Richmond, he asked Cuccinelli how he felt about all the attention he was getting, and that Cooch was clearly thrilled with it.

    His strategy, clearly, is to be as outrageous and extreme as possible so as to corner the market on the ultraconservative Teapublican vote and perhaps win the primary for governor. He’s like the right wing Lady Gaga, riding on shock value as opposed to, say, talent.

    But that is not a winning strategy to win the governorship (unless of course the Dems nominate someone with the appeal of a swamp rodent).  This is not the same VA that once elected George Allen and Jim Gilmore.  Areas including NOVA, C-ville and Hampton Roads are growing, diversifying and unlikely to go for somebody as out there as Cooch.  

  • Venu

    I imagine the Republican Establishment would sidestep Cuccinelli in favor of Bolling. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolling even landed McDonnell’s endorsement during a primary.

    Ken Cuccinelli would really need a miracle to win. I don’t even think he could get a Rand Paul situation going, seeing as though Bill Bolling is generally liked across the state.  

  • kindler

    …is that the national media has not yet picked up on the story of all the damage he is doing here.  I think such attention would help our cause with Dems and Indeps (even if it also helped him with the loony right).  

    • And let’s make sure that if he does win the nomination, we as Virginians don’t fall (again!) into the complacency trap that he “could never win” the election. I don’t care if people in his own party insist this. He has demonstrated over and over that he can win. Worse, I’m sure that he feels that he is “meant” to win so nothing we say to him is going to make a dent into who he is or what he does. We must do it at the voter level- telling them over and over and over just how bizarre he really is. He will be doing retail politics at the grassroots level. If we don’t respond in kind, it could be truly a nightmare.