Mark Warner: Arizona Immigration Law “raises serious civil rights concerns”


    Also, check out 1:09 of this video to hear my friend, Virginia Beach Democratic Committee chairwoman Susan Mariner, speak out against anti-Latino discrimination.  Susan also spoke at the rally, reading the letter from Senator Warner urging President Obama to continue to push for “bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”

    • Teddy Goodson

      First, there is Senator Warner’s concern that our immigration system must “reflect the economic interests and needs” of this country, which could mean the need for really cheap labor in harvesting farm crops, for example. Then, what about this:

      I am particularly concerned with the limits we place on high-skilled immigrants who are ready to innovate

      Is he referring back to those special visas which allow, for example, low-paid Indian electronics experts into the country to displace higher-paid American workers?

      Have we no concern for the utterly revolting conditions under which farm workers live and the cruel ways they are treated? Just what is Senator Warner proposing, here?

      Jill Richardson had a very good description of illegal immigrant labor in Florida in the 1 May DailyKos entitled “Read This Before You Debate Immigration Reform.” You need to read this. So should Senator Warner.

    • Elaine in Roanoke
    • jack

      Not only is our immigration system broken, but the emmigration systems of so many other countries are broken.  Even if we fix our side of that equation, many people could not legally come here because they cannot bribe the right people, or are persecuted for applying to emmigrate.

      I do not know the answer to that problem, but it is a reason why many come illegally.