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Message to Cooch: “When you ask to be ridiculed, it usually happens”


Ken Cuccinelli, what a boob, covering up Virtus’ bosom with an armored breastplate.  As UVA political science professor Larry Sabato notes, “When you ask to be ridiculed, it usually happens. And it will happen here, nationally…This is classical art, for goodness’ sake.

h/t: Not Larry Sabato

  • The Richmonder

    Ken, my God, why stop there?  Can’t you see that her skirt is above her knees?

    Please give this floozy a skirt that covers more of her legs, or maybe even a burqua.

  • The Donkey

    appears to be rising in the new seal.

  • KathyinBlacksburg


    However, the only problem is this guy is the AG.  He has lowered the bar for half-governors and less-than-half-AG’s everywhere.  And that part isn’t funny.

  • Teddy Goodson

    Do you mean to tell us that Virginia’s Attorney General is seeking to change, or has actually changed, the Virginia seal—- the one on the flag of the state? The one used everywhere…. is this true? Doesn’t such a change have to, say, pass the legislature? Be signed by the Governor? This has to be a joke.

    In the day of Queen Victoria they draped piano legs with cloth because someone might feel a sexual impulse on seeing, gasp! legs out in the open. (One wonders if women’s legs in that day were as ugly as piano legs).

    Dear heaven, what is going on in Cuccinelli’s moist little mind?  

  • Old Redneck

    Sometimes you encounter something that is so monstrously stupid, all you can do is bang your head on the desk over and over and over.