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Mo Elleithee Rides to Richard Blumenthal’s Rescue?


I hear that famed (Warner, Kaine, Miller, Wagner, McAuliffe, Deeds) Virginia communications strategist Mo Elleithee is now in Connecticut, having ridden to Richard Blumenthal’s rescue in the last day or so. Check out these tweets by Elleithee.

*”Is the New York Times giving Blumenthal a RAW deal? http://shar.es/mCCZM

*”Correct link. AP BREAKING NEWS: (SAME) Video shows Blumenthal correctly stating service http://tinyurl.com/3xgg3gz

*”Hartford Courant: Blumenthal and Vietnam, the director’s cut http://bit.ly/cQMBWG

Mo also tells me that “the CT press are rallying behind him for the most part.”  In addition, it looks like the leading CT pro-Democratic blog is supporting Blumenthal and criticizing the “journalism” in this situation.

My view is that Blumenthal has been a superb Attorney General and should be a no-brainer for U.S. Senate, but also that embellishing his Vietnam War record – or, lack thereof – is not good at all.  If it’s just one instance, taken out of context, then it’s probably not a huge problem politically. On the other hand, if it’s part of a pattern of “misstatements,” then it could (and probably should) end his candidacy. We’ll see, but for now, it seems like the NY Times is the one with egg on its face a lot more than Blumenthal.

P.S. Whatever Blumenthal said, it’s still a gazillion times less insane than the crap Ken Kook-inelli has been spewing almost every day since he’s been in office.

UPDATE: Fox’s Neil Cavuto argues that everyone should “cut Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal a break.” According to Cavuto, Republicans should “[g]et him on issues that matter, for God’s sake; not nonsense like this that does not.”

  • Teddy Goodson

    While Vietnam is a couple of generations or more ago, it’s revealing that Blumenthal felt it necessary to embelish his record of service to include Vietnam—- I remember when that war was a handicap, not a plus (unless you were a Republican). How times change. My concern is, why give such a gift to the Republican attack team? Of course, the attack team will find something else or make it up, we know that, so maybe it is a good idea to get it out and deal with it early. Is there another Democrat in the race?  

  • Keith

    It seems to me that the referenced blogs are using creative spin to somehow eliminate the fact that General Blumenthal has repeatedly made false comments regarding his military service.  The NYT article clearly records instances where General Blumenthal has either clearly stated or cleverly implied that he had served in Vietnam. By attempting to excuse his false comments as merely having “misspoken”, General Blumenthal has compounded his problem.    

    These blogs seem to be making a point that the media rather than General Blumenthal should be condemned for these revelations.  Apparently having the audacity to expose the truth about a liberal icon is a condemnable offense.  

    I am continually amused how this blog also spins virtually every current issue to attack General Cuccinelli.

  • This might say more about me personally than voter in general, but the stuff Blumenthal said (taken from the NYT article) is the type of embellishment that I absolutely cannot stand in a politician.  It’s the kind of thing that makes me think you have no core as an individual.

    Because here is the thing — Blumenthal did nothing wrong.  He received his deferments in the way that millions of other students did.  Upon receiving a poor lottery number, he joined the Marine Reserves.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with what he did.  He served admirably.

    So why embellish?  Sure, maybe he misspoke.  But this is a person that gives you ever indication that he has (and always has) chosen his words very, very carefully.  That’s part of why he is so respected as a politician and AG.  For him to misspeak about this, not once, not twice, strikes me as at least intentional.  He WANTED people to think he had served in-country in Vietnam.  He thought it would make him look better — but why on earth does someone who is well respected and until two days ago considered a practical shoe-in for the Senate feel he has to be something that he isn’t????

    Plus, let’s face it, it’s Vietnam.  As a GenXer, I don’t claim for a minute to understand all of the baggage baby boomers carry about this, but out of all of the things to squirrel around with — he has to go and pick Vietnam???  Now he’s offended BOTH SIDES of that generational conflict.


  • libra

    under the collar about Blumenthal and his “misspoken exaggeration”. But, perhaps, this is the right time to resurrect the “both sides do it” meme that the pundicks seem to be so fond of? On our side, we have Blumenthal and, also a couple of years back, H. Clinton under fire on a Bosnian tarmac. On the other side…


    • check out the latest Kook-iness.

      Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) has today issued a new statement about his civil investigative demand at the University of Virginia, insisting that his request for documents related to the work of climate scientist and former university professor Michael Mann is about “possible fraud and not about infringing upon academic freedom.”

      Cooch then proceeds with a rambling, incoherent “explanation” that actually uses the phrase “revelations of Climate-gate” on the same day the authoritative National Academy of Sciences released a report that stated point blank, “Climate change is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risks for-and in many cases is already affecting-a broad range of human and natural systems.”

      End of story. Except, of course, for Crazy Cooch.