Home National Politics Newt Gingrich Defends Comparing Democrats to Nazis, Stalin

Newt Gingrich Defends Comparing Democrats to Nazis, Stalin


Based on these comments, Newt Gingrich has placed himself clearly, beyond any doubt, into the “completely insane” category. By all rights, he should be politically radioactive to his fellow Republican politicians. Which raises the question, why is Bob McDonnell sitting down with him for an interview and, recently, joining him for a health care forum?  Will McDonnell denounce his pal, Newt Gingrich, for comparing Democrats to the Nazis and Stalin? Don’t hold your breath.

UPDATE: See after the “flip” for thoughts by former Republican Congresswoman Susan Molinari. In short, she thinks Gingrich’s comments are “crazy” and “outrageous.”

  • Love how you caught the screen shot that says “Founder of America”…..without the rest of the caption!

    What really strikes me in both these interviews is how old (literally) Gingrich has become.

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    “right” wing congresspersons and very strident/obnoxious?  It’s 20 years later.  And you know things are bad when she calls Newt, her former leader, into question.  Newt has shown himself as the worst kind of extremist, his garbage no better than the ravings of Glenn Beck or the hate of Rush Limbaugh.  And Meredith Viera does such a milk toast interview of his outrageous and defamatory claims it’s appalling.  

    How do they continue to host this man (the most frequently appearing figure on either side of the aisle) in the so-called MSM?  Talk about an ethics gap.

  • Teddy Goodson

    white females picking on an over-the-hill, over-weight, overly-self-important white man? How delicious.

    Newt is getting senile, but no one wants to tell him, least of all the Republican Establishment. The more outrageous Gingrich, Beck, Palin et al are, the better the RepubEst likes it. They want publicity, they want to establish a certain framing of Obama, Democrats, and the upcoming election, and this is it. Get used to it.