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Waldo Makes a Good Point on Homophobes


Good point by Waldo:

Family Research Council co-founder (along with James Dobson) George Rekers hired a 20-year-old male prostitute for a ten-day trip to Europe. Rekers, a prominent leader of the anti-gay movement…

The prominent anti-gay guy who turns out to be a closet case has become a cliché at this point. Can we just start assuming that the most stridently anti-gay people are gay? Is that a safe bet now?

Sure seems like it.  At the minimum, I think it’s safe to assume that right-wing homophobes have “issues.”

  • jack

    Many of those people who are stridently against normalizing homosexuality know from personal experience how damaging it is to one’s soul.

  • When I was growing up, I heard, minimum, three sermons a week  (it could sometimes be as high as 21, but only during camp meeting.)  Most of these sermons were pretty run of the mill, but every so often, the minister would go off on a “tear.”  Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the congregation would be bombarded with sermons about various evils in the world and how to avoid them.  The range was quite large — from television shows (I remember trying to argue with my mother that “Facts of Life” was not REALLY about that….) or movies, or debt, or overeating, or adultery, or porn, and in later years, homosexuality.  These would be “series” and screeds that would go on for sometimes weeks at a time, and it was generally accepted among most people who actually 1) listened to the sermon and 2) thought about the sermon and 3) knew the minister and his family very well that the sermons were often ways for the minister to fight off his own demons on those attacking those he loved most.  At the time, it was simply part of growing up in a fundamentalist world.  (I remember one young child hearing his father start screaming about debt — the family had recently been taken by a professional con man — and saying very calmly, “Oh Daddy’s yelling about money again.”)

    So while I don’t think that anyone who speaks out against X is always fighting X in his/her personal life, people who are ALWAYS speaking out about X, over and over, and can’t seem to stop — well, perhaps they are telling us more than they know.

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    another case of “methinks he doth protest too much.”  

    I will not comment further on the fact that he apparently is gay.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  That he would give ongoing grief to others who are is grounds for heavy condemnation.  He tries to make other gay peoples’ lives a living hell and then goes about his business.  

  • Teddy Goodson

    So, sin, sin, sin. One person’s sin is another’s pleasure, no more. It is not that I do not think that there is no evil in human society, it is that I do believe it disgusting that one human being can arrogantly announce such and such behavior is a “sin” and from that one statement endlesly pursue, denounce, disenfranchise, degrade, torture, condemn, and demonize another person. The invention of sin-and-guilt was a very useful invention for all the priests of history. It certainly gave the parasitical priesthood the clout to elevate themselves above the rest, and mandate not only other people’s behavior but also to demand perks and pelf for themselves.

    Don’t bother me, I won’t bother you. “Evil” (like “fairness”) does not occur in nature. They are human concepts, neither eternal nor invariable.  

    • …it’s still pretty bad to say “acts.”  I mean, if you’re heterosexual, you engage in heterosexual “acts” right?  What’s the difference, except that you apparently don’t like homosexual “acts” (most of which, of course, are comparable to heterosexual “acts”)?

  • libra

    something wrong with the comments counter? I was expecting to see 37 of them, but there are only 4…

    Regarding the subject matter. I couldn’t care less about his sexuality but I sure as sure care about his hypocrisy; he’s been advising and testifying all over the place on how to craft legislation to deny as many rights to gays as possible. And then he rents a toy-boy???

    And, lying to the last, he says it was because he had had a surgery and needed someone to carry his luggage??? What kind of surgery? Did it remove his teabag? And, if so, what sort of luggage did “Lucien” carry for him?

  • hereinva

    Pathetic. Almost as good as the “HTAT” Excuse. (Hiking the Appalachian Trail).