Arlington Government Changers Short on Supporters, Long on Cash


    When most Arlingtonians are happy with our current form of government, it’s awfully hard to get over 14,000 signatures to get a measure to revolutionize that government onto the ballot. Especially when the measure is backed by some very strange bedfellows — public-safety unions, the Arlington County Republican Committee & the Arlington Green Party.

    But what this coalition lacks in ideological cohesion & grassroots support, it appears to be trying to make up for with large piles of money. Check out this Craigslist ad (typos in original, bolding added):

    make 1000 dollars in 10 days! this is a legit opportunity (Arlington County Virgina)

    Signature Masters inc is looking for signature gatherers to help us get an issue on the ballot for the voters and we are paying well. there is no experience required we do have trainers on staff to teach you. if you are interested in more details, please email resumes to please provide telephone contact information and be prepared to start right away and work a whole day with us. the only requirements are, you must be 18 years of age and a resident in arlington county.

       * Location: Arlington County Virgina

       * Compensation: 100- 125 per day

    Wow, up to $15.62 an hour? Just to ask people to sign a piece of paper? In this economy? Not bad. And all you have to do is live in Arlington, Virgina!

    With Arlington County’s government getting such high marks from residents & such a shady campaign to change it, it’s no wonder so many Arlingtonians are declining to sign the petition. To join Arlington Democrats in showing your support for our successful system of government, join the Coalition for Arlington Good Government.

    • …except that it’s for a bad cause and is totally lame in general. But, if you can respect yourself in the morning after doing this, then hell, why not?  (snark)

      P.S. What happened to these guys’ confidence a few weeks ago that they’d definitely get on the ballot?  Melting away in the summer heat, apparently.

    • Read this comment at Or really, don’t and I’ll sum up — Arlington voters have enthusiastically rejected the GOP’s anti-choice, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-environment message at every turn, so instead of changing its message, the Arlington GOP trying to change election rules. Pathetic. (And the Arlington Greens — all five of them — should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this effort.)

    • independent in arlington

      It was the firefighter’s union, I believe, that started this, principally in an effort to get around what they felt was an unresponsive country manager to get more direct input on their issues from the County Board.  The Republicans and the Greens hopped on board simply to try to improve their electoral fortunes in Arlington.

      For what its worth, I think the objectives of the unions in this case (giving the elected officials more direct control over the county bureaucracy) is a bad idea.  On the other hand, going to single member districts, with more turnover of the Board, is probably good for the county.

      On balance, I think I’m opposed, but it would be wrong to characterize the effort as solely a Republican attempt to change the rules to their advantage.