• Teddy Goodson

    The constitutional crisis I predicted right after Obama’s inauguration has finally come to pass. McChrystal and a good many of the top brass have been politicized, and McC is definitely not the only one who should leave the service, IMO. Unfortunately, there is a hard core group of rising younger officers, mentored by Gen Keane, ret., who are virulently anti-Obama and anti-any Democrat. Obama absolutely must clean house over this—- and, given his compromising temperament, I doubt he will do it. Now is the time for strong leadership, not another community compromiser.

    This group of officers does have a point about current policy, especially from a military point of view, meaning those who are on the ground implementing that policy are frustrated and angry professionall—-, but it is not all Obama’s fault, nor is it the first time that the professional military has had a quarrel with the political direction of the war they had to fight—- including in the Civil War, not to mention Korea and Vietnam. It is definitely past time for the American people to have a discussion of that policy.

  • jfontaine

    Team of rivals.  Samuel Chase challenged the pres for the nomination of a second term.  Seward called him a monkey behind his back to editors all over America.  Yet McClellan was only fired for failing to get results.  There is a serious challenge here, but simply firing someone because they don’t like you isn’t good policy.  Now if he is not taking orders or not getting results then you may show them the door.  By all accounts McCrystal voted for Obama and feels Obama is pressuring him for impossible results and not listening.  You want rapid fire decisions based on emotion you can vote republican and go right back into the ditch.