Republicans “Apologize” to Foreign Oil Company That’s Trashing Our Country


    This really says it all about today’s Republican Party, or at least the Big Oil wing of said party.  Defending the foreign oil company that is, at this moment, ruining the Gulf of Mexico? Maybe GOP stands for “Greedy Oil People?”

    P.S. Oh, and for any trolls who come on here and try to claim that the comments by Barton, Bachmann, Barbour et al. were aberrations or whatever, read this: “everybody knows the only reason Republicans want him to apologize is to put out a political fire. In fact, many if not most of them actually agree with Barton.”

    UPDATE: Also, see this from the “Republican Study Commission.”

    • Shenandoah Democrat

      The GOP deserves to be trashed over this phony apology. Every GOP congressional candidate should be asked if they agree. I can’t wait to see what our local corporatist congressman Bob Goodsplatte will come up with. Maybe I’ll check his oil company campaign contributions first. Maybe we should list all the Virignia GOP delegation’s oil company campaign contributions!

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      The GOPers have a dilemma. They built their philosophy from 1980 to the present around the statement, “Government isn’t the solution. It’s the problem.” What did we get from that? A horrible economic meltdown caused by unbridled, unregulated  greed. The worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history caused by one company putting greed over safety and getting away with it because the “regulatory agency” overseeing it had been corrupted. Two wars that were unpaid for, one started by lies.. A tax code riddled with loopholes for big contributors to their campaigns.

      They have nothing left to do except to say “NO” and to blame everything that has resulted from the destruction of regulation and oversight on President Obama and the Democrats.

      Barack Obama has had to spend all of his time to date shoveling the manure he “inherited.”