Susan Mariner Statement on Yesterday’s Vote


    The following is from Susan Mariner, who asked me to post this for her.  Susan came very close yesterday, and from what I hear received nothing but positive feedback on her run for DPVA 1st Vice Chair of Organization. I’m confident that Susan has a great future ahead of her as a Virginia Democrat (and otherwise). She is a class act all the way.

    Fellow Democrats,

    Please join me in congratulating Gaylene Kanoyton on her election as DPVA 1st Vice Chair of Organization. Gaylene ran a strong, energetic, and determined campaign.  These traits demonstrate the kind of outstanding leader Gaylene is, has been, and will be for the Democratic Party.  I look forward to working with and in support of Gaylene in her efforts to put “Boots on the Ground!”

    I also wanted to thank all of my supporters and the many new friends I made over the past few weeks.  Together we talked about how we could grow the Democratic Party across this great Commonwealth.  This was a positive campaign based on maximum inclusion.  I am proud of what this campaign was about and was deeply honored to have gained the votes and friendship of so many.  And though I fell a little shy of the votes I would have needed to win, be assured that I will keep working together with you to make this a Bluer Virginia.  

    On that note, I hope everyone will join me in making GOTV calls for Kai Degner’s and Bill Brown’s special election Tuesday.  To make calls from home for Kai, please email  To make calls from home for Bill, please email   For those of us who don’t live nearby enough to put our “Boots on the Ground,” let’s put our “Fingers on the Dial” for these great Democrats.

    In unity towards Democratic victories in 2010 and beyond,

    Susan Mariner

    Chair, Virginia Beach Democratic Committee

    UPDATE: Also, here is Gaylene Kanoytan’s statement:

    “Yes, We Won! Thank you!”

    “To whom much is given, much is required” Luke 12:48

    This journey started 3 weeks ago, when Long time Democrat Pixie Bell asked me for the final time to run and I accepted after speaking to Delegate Jennifer McClellan. I thank them both for their support.

    Yesterday was a joyous bittersweet day for me! Joyous- Yes WE won the 1st Vice Chair of Operations position and I say “WE” because of the enormous thoughts, prayers and support! Thank you! Bittersweet: During the nomination segment my Church member and very good friend (like a mother) was being funeralized. However, I could hear her voice of support during the entire process. Friendship is Golden and yesterday my opponent Susan did what Democrats do ,when you fall short of votes. A Good Democrat give their votes to the winner to make the vote unanimous. I thank her for that measure of Unity. I attended the National Convention when Hilliary Clinton gave her Delegates to Pres. Obama and the Unity in the audience was awesome!. Senator Locke had me in tears with her 1st nomination speech, she has known me for 30 years..taught me in college and Sean Houlihan President of the YD’s 2nd nomination speech was awesome! It’s great to have people to speak on your behalf that actually know your work. Now I’m ready to


    UPDATE #2: Gaylene Kanoytan has posted a revised version of her statement here.

    • antonio_m_elias

      I was at the meeting in Charlottesville yesterday.  Susan not only put on a good campaign, but everyone, regardless of who’s side they were on for the actual vote, was pleased with Susan’s past leadership and happy that she stepped up for this challenge.

      I remember Susan when she came to William & Mary in the outer reaches of Hampton Roads to help build the party back in 2008, and we all hope to see lots more of her doing what she does best in the years to come.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I know that Susan has just begun her effort to bring the grassroots into a leading role in the Virginia Democratic Party. I was quite proud Saturday to see Susan and the reception she received from my fellow members of the committee.

      This is just the first step in a very promising journey for Susan. She is truly a “class act.”

      Organizing on the local level is the key to victory. Susan knows that. We all have the obligation to teach it to those who occupy offices in Richmond. It’s past the time when they should have learned that lesson.

    • libra

      good grief!

    • cvllelaw

      The e-mail that was sent to the Central Committee members at 8:45 PM was grammatically correct:

      To whom much is given, much is required. – Luke 12:48

      I want to take this moment to once again thank you for your support.

      Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. It was joyous because, of course, WE won the 1st Vice Chair of Operations position! This victory would not have occurred without the enormous support I received. Thank you!

      Sadly, though, during the nomination segment my very good friend Yvonne Six, who was like a mother to me, was laid to rest. I could hear her voice of support during the entire process.

      I also want to thank Susan Mariner. She ran a strong campaign and offered great ideas for moving our Party forward…She is the kind of Democrat we need who is willing to work hard for the DPVA and the people of the Commonwealth.

      I stand ready to serve; ready to listen to you, your concerns, ideas and suggestions, and to act on them to keep Virginia Blue. We are One VIRGINIA!

      Now it’s time to get our boots on the ground! Bill Brown (VA-HD-27) and Kai Degner (VA-HD-26) both need our help to be elected Delegates in the special elections this Tuesday June 15. I spoke with both campaigns today and there are three things we can all do no matter where we are in the state.

      1. Make a contribution. No amount is too big or too small and the campaigns can use the money in this last minute push to the finish. Click here to contribute to Bill Brown. Click here to contribute to Kai Degner.  [Her e-mail message had the hyperlinks in it.]

      2. Phone Bank. You can do this from the comfort of your own home and it takes as much time as you’d like to give it. Contact Bill Brown at to receive a phone bank list. You can send an e-mail to to set up a virtual phone bank for Kai Degner. Making calls is crucial on Election Day because most people don’t turn out to vote in special elections!

      3. Work the polls. If you live in either candidate’s district or know someone who does, please make arrangements to work the polls on Election Day.

      Beyond the June 15 elections, we need to set up and prepare for elections to come. Campaign season is too late to get started. One of the first things we need to do is train our activists and volunteers on VAN. Stay tuned for upcoming training dates and sessions.

      Finally, a note to Chairs: Please consider hosting a Local & State Boards and Commissions Training. We need to stack the deck and get strong, reliable Democrats on local Boards and Commissions across the Commonwealth so we have leaders to go to when we’re looking for candidates for the General Assembly and other State/Local offices.


      Until next time…Go Virginia Democrats!

    • Jim Webb Dem

      I can’t say I have the benefit of knowing anyone else at the DPVA …. if I did I would have been happy to “lobby” for Susan Mariner who I regard as inspirational on several levels. I think even “running” for the 1st Vice Chair position showed thinking outside the box (on her part) even if she was an obvious choice (and logical progression of her activism) as many noted here.

      But the truth of the matter is …. whether on the local level or state level much of what DPVA does …how it operates favors the inside gamer. The candidates that get promoted worked this angle too. Harris Miller … Creigh Deeds …come to mind. While they may be decent guys in hindsight they weren’t the best candidates for the position … I’d submit that “outsiders” were.

      Even in small county local Democratic Party committees you see the old stalwarts chairing meetings and going through the motions when in the crowd …. every now and again, there’s an activist who is actually doing the work. Rarely does that person rise to a more “official” position of responsibility as by their nature … they are not part of the club.

      One last note on Mrs. Mariner …. TIM KAINE or Tom Perriello or Jim Webb or Mark Warner pay attention!!!  There’s a very talented and passionate advocate out there who would really benefit your operation …. you would be wise to give Susan Mariner a call. You’d be delighted with the talent you had found.