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The Problem with Jon Stewart’s Comedic Rant on SC (and National) Democrats


Jon Stewart, comedic host of The Daily Show, usually gets his facts right, often more so than the so-called MSM.  But now Stewart blamed SC Democrats for the plight of the opponent (Vic Rawl) of the hapless Alvin Greene. The problem with this is Stewart’s wrong.  

There was funny business in Greene’s running.  There were voting machine irregularities. There was an influx of Republican voters. And, there is so much more to this story than Stewart would suggest, much more.

Consider the following:

• Green WAS likely a plant, according to US rep James Clyburn. Clyburn knows something about that because he has been the victim of similar sabotage.

• Greene was unemployed.

• He had no money and even claimed he didn’t so he could get a public defender last year.

• He magically had the money to spend over $10 k to file for his Senate run. Yet (again) he had no money.

• He filed no campaign finance forms, as required by law, and has not identified the source of the $10,400 he spent.

• He did not campaign, send out mailings, or even have a website.  So, it was not a real campaign. How did the word get out?  I am not buying Stewart’s explanation.  Here’s why:

• In at least 25 precincts, Greene received more votes than were actually cast. Hear the rest of Olbermann’s litany of irregularities at the above (most recent) link.

• There was a 40% increase in turnout for the Democratic primary.

• Voters reported pushing the vote button having voted for Vic Rawl only to have the results page show Alvin Greene.

• There were other, apparently systemic,  voting machine irregularities.

• AND crossover votes by Republicans were allowed.

And lest there be any doubt, check out the best blogger on election reform issues anywhere, Bradblog here. I love Jon Stewart.  However, he’s done a real disservice to justice and electoral fairness in this instance. Contrary to Stewart’s rant-claim, there was and still is funny business related to this race. Now the AG won’t even look into the complaint. The fix is in. It also appears that Jon Steward fell for it. One thing is clear now: Skulduggery is alive and well in SC politics. It is also far from the first time.  

  • Teddy Goodson

    is pure Republican methodology. We have seen in in Florida with Sec. of State Harris in 2000, we have seen it in Ohio in the 2004 race, here and there in other areas (like, probably New Mexico), and in South Carolina.

    I have South Carolinian relatives, and from past contacts in the state, I believe that the South Carolina Republican Party is perfectly capable of such a scheme—- one case where conspiracy theory is correct. Many of the whites in South Carolina really  have total contempt combined with amused put-upon patience for African Americans, a hatred of the Yankee federal government, and a curiously self-righteous conviction that when it comes to what they want, the ends justify the means because God loves them, and they are preserving their honorable heritage.

    In their minds, it was quite okay to con what they thought of as a typically stupid, feckless, irresponsible, incompetent “colored man” (if they used that decent a term to describe him), and, by word of mouth, get their fellow church-goin’ neighbors to vote for him in the Democratic primary —- why, all they were doing was giving the Democrats one of their own as a nominee. (“Psst, here’s what we’ll do! Guess that shows the damn’ Democrats a thing or two, tee hee.”)

    Is there any way Democrats can persuade him to resign and appoint someone else to run through a convention? Is it too late to run someone else as Democratic Independent if that fails?