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Andrew Breitbart Classic Quote: “Duh! All Television is Edited!”


Great job as always by the New Left Media folks.  This interview is hilarious, I strongly recommend that you watch the entire thing if you want a good idea of how Andrew Breitbart’s (bizarre, conspiratorial) mind works.  

  • Dan Sullivan

    “…This is an era in which there is a lot of video. There is conspicuously scrubbed from his history…are those speeches. We don’t have any information from the 1990s and the early zeros, those speeches…”

    No s&*t, if Obama was that prescient, he is exactly where he belongs.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    He’s unhinged. He’s a full-blown case of paranoid, delusionary, conspiracy-obsessed right-wing madness. I especially love the eye-rolling and the arm flailing. At any moment, I expected him to declare that President Obama was actually an alien sent here by evil socialist space beings to keep all God-fearing Americans from receiving their God-given heritage in the great Land of the Free.