Home Media Beating Back Wildlife? More Old Media #FAIL!

Beating Back Wildlife? More Old Media #FAIL!


Courtesy of USA Today, here’s today’s hilarious example of old media #FAIL. These are the folks who are supposed to have quality control, as opposed to the evil and unprofessional blogosphere? Ha. Seriously, the old media can’t tell the difference half the time between millions and billions, gallons and barrels, “wildlife” and a “wildfire.” On the other hand, they ARE very good at reporting endlessly about the latest shark attack/missing white girl/phony right-wing-fever-dream-created “scandal” (aka, “climategate”). And beating back deer, bears, coyotes, etc. in LA.  

  • Teddy Goodson

    was the California homeowners whose homes were burning?

    As for the wildlife, like bears, we do have the grizzly bear with three cubs who killed one human being and injured others in a campsite…. the Park service  shot the grizzly mama bear, and I am waiting to hear from half-Governor Palin about the sanctity of mama grizzlies, which I understand is her new totem.  The mass media has not seen fit to ask for her comments. Huh.

  • libra

    to state, plainly, that they were beating back “lowlife”…

  • notlarrysabato

    Unless it is on twitter.