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Crazy Cooch’s “big week coming”


That’s Ken Cuccinelli, all excited (“wee-weed up,” as Sarah Palin might say?) on Twitter about his “big week coming” – suing over global warming, suing over the federal government’s power to “mandate” health insurance coverage, “amicus” on a suit regarding Arizona’s harsh anti-illegal immigrant law.  That’s our Cooch, doing what he no doubt believes to be the Lord’s work.  Hey, don’t say you weren’t warned, Virginia!

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    Note: None of this is doing is job for Virginians. Grandstand Ken just keeps on grandstanding and making the culture/science/theocracy conflicts worse and worse.  He could focus on making Virginia a better place, but he won’t.  And the truth is that he’s unqualified to do that anyway. He’s a “Tea Party” AG, after all.