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Frank Wolf: Utterly Incoherent on the Stimulus


If anyone can make sense of Frank Wolf’s blithering pabulum in this video, please leave your explanation in the comments section. Other than that, the only thing I can chalk this one up to is that Wolf’s been in Congress way, way, wayyyyyyy too long. Like, about 16 years since he signed the Contract with America, which included a term limit pledge of 12 years. Uhhhhh.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Let’s see. His “knowledge” seems to be limited to: “I haven’t seen the specifics;” “I don’t know about that;” I’d have to see the details;” “Uh….”

    You are correct. This man has overstayed his time in Congress. It’s past time to call him on his pledge to leave per self-imposed term limits.

    (My “representative” Bob Goodlatte took the same pledge. He was finishing his second term at the time. He, too, is a bit too late in leaving.)