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Gallup: Obama’s Approval Ratings Almost Exactly Tracking Reagan’s


Click on the image to “embiggen.”  In short, according to Gallup, Barack Obama’s approval ratings are almost exactly tracking Ronald Reagan’s approval ratings at the same points in their presidencies. Note that Reagan was faced with a nasty recession, as is Obama. Also note that Republicans lost a net of 27 seats to the Democrats in the 1982 midterm elections. I’d be very happy if Democrats only lost 27 seats this time around. Finally, I’d point out that Ronald Reagan’s approval ratings rebounded, along with the economy, and he was reelected in a landslide in 1984. Past as prologue?

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    I predict that the democrats will lose seats in November, but they will retain control of both houses of Congress. I also predict that in 2011 there will be slow but steady progress in the recovery, such that by November 2012 President Barack Obama will be easily reelected.

    As Terry McAuliffe said in Stanuton, “You can’t beat somebody with a nobody.”

  • libra

    after he raised the taxes. I don’t see today’s Senate letting Obama get away with any such move.

    Also, too, I refudiate your idea that the graph should be embiggened; it’s not Shakespeare’s English. Tweet, tweet.