Memo to Kookinelli: Mann Cleared of Allegations


    I realize that Ken Cuccinelli is not the kind of Republican lawyer who can accept that a person who has been found innocent really IS innocent, but that notwithstanding, a Pennsylvania State University investigative committee has cleared Michael Mann of any ethical misconduct in connection with an exchange of e-mails about global warming.

    Penn State launched its probe on Nov. 30, and it dismissed three of the allegations as “not credible.”  It did examine whether Mann “seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting, or reporting research or other scholarly activities.” It concluded that he had not.

    So, exactly what grounds does Cuccinelli now plan on using to continue his witch hunt against Dr. Mann and global warming? If every investigation of Dr. Mann’s research and methods shows absolutely no wrongdoing, I guess Cooch can insist that Dr. Mann might have committed fraud by daring to believe that his research showed that the planet is warming in part because of human activity.

    Cooch and his ilk must believe that they have the direct ear of the Lord Almighty, so whatever he thinks has to be correct. Right?

    • Mike1987

      Kenny does not need a reason. He believes because he believes and that is enough for the State to go after anyone that is antithetical to his belief system. Virginia, we get what we voted for. This is it, and expect to see a Congress even worse. We are talking open hostility against the President and the American people. So, site back a “be disappointed”. Come December, you will be appalled and no one to blame but your fat lazy butts.

    • robsmithiii

      Oh, no…it’s not Mann, it’s the whole academic community worldwide engaged in a grant-grabbing conspiracy.  He has all of the emails to prove that, too, right?  XP

    • Va Breeze

      Can we recall him NOW?