“Microchips in the Brain” Being Used Against Republicans in Georgia


    Remember that crazy, “mark of the beast” microchip bill in Virginia this past General Assembly session? Well, they apparently have the same lunacy in Georgia, and it’s become an issue in the gubernatorial campaign there. The classic quote comes from Democrat Roy Barnes, who says, “If somebody holds me down and drives a microchip into my head, it had better be more than just a damn misdemeanor.” Exactly!

    • blue bronc

      for identifying the remains when a fox eats your cat. And, it seems for identifying some really out in space Teabaggers/R’s.

    • Teddy Goodson

      In the Middle Ages, peasants sometimes roamed the countryside en masse, having hysterical visions, burning witches or other people’s homes, and the consensus today is that they ate wheat contaminated with ergot mold, which induced crazy behavior. Is there something in all the additives stuffed into our factory food, toxic waste in the air, or something similar that is producing this sort of assinine behavior?

      This is a serious question…. but then, why does it seem to infect mostly Republicans? I just remembered that Republicans have a habit of telegraphing their own future behavior by accusing opponents of doing something they are doing, or intend to do. So, if we end up with Republicans once again in control, can we all expect that every citizen will have a microchip installed in our brains—- all in the name of national security, of course?