Nye Joins Cantor in the Panderocracy


    Congressman Nye joins the shameless “Support the Troops” chorus of Cantor and all who proffer use of the HOV lanes as honor for service rather than offering substantive support by calling for an end to the waste of American blood and treasure in foreign misadventures. Cower behind the troops, again.

    Beyond the fact that this is part and parcel of establishing a separate military class and walking away from the concept of the citizen-soldier, it is idiotic; it is unenforceable; it rewards personnel whose only sacrifice has been a paper cut when opening their paychecks. It gives short shrift to civilian members of DoD. But nice stab at reaching out to the same people Palin abuses. It is a modern day Napoleonic ribbon.

    Traffic congestion is a serious problem in Hampton Roads, and our HOV lanes are often under-utilized,” Nye said. “This legislation will help ease traffic for everyone in the region, and make sure our military and emergency response personnel get where they need to go.” – Glenn Nye

    Contrast that with Cantor’s statement on the same “issue”:

    “Virginia is home to nearly 120,000 members of the Armed Forces and countless law enforcement officials who make their way to work each day in service to our nation and to keep us safe. This small measure allows the Commonwealth to alleviate traffic while also making the commute for these brave individuals much more expedient. Motorists need relief from traffic congestion, and this common-sense step will help to ease that burden. It is a win for motorists, a win for families, and a win for the men and women of our armed forces and law enforcement officials who keep us safe.” – Eric Cantor

    A similar initiative was pushed by Delegate Chris Stolle (R-Virginia Beach) in the Virginia Assembly this year. Not a single member of the Assembly had the fortitude to call it what it is: a meaningless gesture that will make the HOV lanes equally congested and destroy any incentive to carpool for un-uniformed personnel. But shucks, HOV lanes are a needless restriction on our freedom anyhow. And, HOV lanes are not enumerated in the Constitution.

    The good news for anyone who owns a uniform: you get a free pass to use the HOV lanes. There is no way to enforce this exception without a roadblock halting traffic in the lanes. That should make sales at the army surplus stores soar. So in a way, I suppose it is an economic stimulus. I may even open a shop just short of the lanes and sell uniforms; choose your service and rank.

    Congratulations to Eric Cantor and the Republicans for the coming successful subversion of the HOV concept. Shame on anyone who thinks this is anything else because it accomplishes nothing else.

    • blue bronc

      While I was reading this article all I could think of was a certain disabled vet I know would like to have her own HOV lane, all the time, where ever she went, driving or not.

      The second thought was if the HOV lanes are underutilized then scrap the HOV designation and open them to all drivers.  The program is failing, change it.

      The underlying thought though is it must be election season again. Time for the R’s to drag out of the closet their bullet ridden and bloody battle flags (they would never dare enlist, but buy one or two on e-bay – good idea), and declare “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” (the way we say, not do) or you are an unpatriotic bastard.

      It is that time of the election cycle they slap the plastic made in China yellow ribbon car magnets on their cars and SUV’s. And, especially nice are the made in China American flag stickers, no unions allowed, on car trunks and campaign literature.

      Symbolism is all that is needed, a free pass to the HOV is better than armor or getting the hell out of Afghanistan.  Declaring Dems unpatriotic is better than voting monies for the Veteran Administration.  Shouting louder and stronger that they and they alone support our troops is better than actually helping veterans get jobs.

      Oh it is that time all right when they wrap themselves in the Flag and carrying the Bible in their right(eous) hand.  We can expect many more cynical and hypocritical attempts to paint Dems as unpatriotic during the next 3 months.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Glenn Nye is running in a very R, very conservative, very MILITARY district. Plus, while it is nice to say that we feel that the military gets too large a part of federal funding, all Virginians are forced to accept truth: the location of the Pentagon is in Virginia, the location of  the largest employers in eastern Virginia, the Norfolk Shipyard, exists because of military funding, etc.

      Nye might simply be trying to represent his constituents, just as Rick Boucher represents the coal industry and the people who hold coal-related jobs in his district.

      Nye is far more conservative than I personally like, but I would take him any day over the guy who “represents” me in Congress – GOPer Bob “Tea Bag” Goodlatte.

      Similarly, Nye is light years better than Thelma Drake!