Progressives vs. Delusionaries


    It’s a healthy thing when the public has more than one practical, grounded political party and philosophy from which to choose. It’s not so healthy when the only choice is between one party seeking realistic solutions and another chasing dark hallucinations.

    Sadly, this is the situation we now face. What had once been the reality-based party of Lincoln, TR and Eisenhower has become the fantasy land of Palin, Bachmann and Beck.

    I would love to engage in a reasonable battle of ideas with these folks, except that they do not appear to have anything left that may properly be called an “idea”.

    Instead they treat us to dangerous delusions:  that our government is a malignant, tyrannical monster obsessed with taking away our guns and freedoms; that businesses, by contrast, are a benign force that should be freed from all regulation; that America’s salvation depends on taking the country “back” – a century backwards to before the Progressive era, according to Glenn Beck, chief Tea Party hallucinogenist.

    A key example of the logic-free argumentation of today’s Repubs was our Caribou Barbie this past week telling her Tea Party drones that military spending should be exempt from deficit reduction. Why? Oh, because she said so.

    It’s a weird feeling going into battle against an army that’s firing blanks. But it would be an unimaginable disaster to have folks so unhinged from reality actually in charge of our national government.  Just imagine Ken Cuccinelli — multiplied by a billion.

    What are these people actually fighting for?  

    Yes, I know, “liberty”!  But what do they actually mean when they use that historically freighted phrase?  As far as I can decipher, liberty to our tea party friends means the freedom specifically:

    – to buy and use any kind of gun anywhere

    – to drive pickup trucks and SUVs with cheap gas

    – to freely smoke cigars and cigarettes

    – to eat bad, unhealthy food to the point of morbid obesity

    – to pick on gays and immigrants

    – to never have to pay taxes (even while freely accepting govt services)

    – to avoid any responsibility to help the unemployed, uninsured or otherwise disadvantaged

    Looking at that list, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the whole point of this tempest in a tea pot is nothing more than protecting the inalienable right of Americans  to act like ignorant, dumb ass rednecks.  I mean, is there something else that I’m missing here?

    Sure the national debt is too big, as it has been for the past 40 years or so.  But do the Republicans have any actual solutions to solve the problem? Of course not, since they refuse to touch taxes or military spending and have zero credibility on entitlements.  It’s no coincidence that deficits skyrocketed under both Saint Ronnie and George II.  

    Look at the whole Tea Party takeover of the Republican party, and it doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that there’s no there there. This is A Movement About Nothing.

    And we’re running in fear from these clowns?  We should be ripping them to shreds, exposing the nonsense that is at the core of all they stand for. It’s time for Democrats to stand tall and say that not only does the Tea Party Emperor have no clothes — but damn is he butt ugly!

    • Teddy Goodson

      do not have the same objectives, IMO. The noisy grassroots are pretty much as you described them, with a sprinkling of those few who have a little more sophisticated cover, such as fervent states’ right dogma to cover latent racism, and some real concern for government intrustion into private lives with such things as “political correctness,” or an impenetrable bureaucracy, and so on.

      The leadership, and I mean the real, hidden leadership which is funding most of the T.P. movement, is another matter. I believe they have very serious long-term objectives, which can be boiled down to: turn the control of government over to Big Business and Big Finance—- in other words, turn America into what amounts to a corporate state. If, in doing so, they throw a few religious bones to the raging evangelicals, it’s a small price to pay.

    • somethingblue

      “It’s not so healthy when the only choice is between one party seeking realistic solutions and another chasing dark hallucinations.”

      Actually, that would be a great deal better than what we have now, which is one party chasing dark hallucinations and the other one working industriously to help large corporations screw us over.

    • Brian

      What do you mean by this? Are you saying they have the right to pig out? Or Democrats have the right to pig out? Or Americans have the right to pig out? Or Americans would not be so unhealthy if given the choice between unhealthy junk food, and healthy organic food only found at Whole Foods and Farmers Markets?  

      I come from a pretty White Democratic Household but also one that loves its junkfood. Pistachios,Cashews, pecans. Potato Chips, kettle cooked,regular, Wise, Utz, Dirty.  

      I think Americans of all political strip want cheap gas including some Democrats. Democrats just have the foresight that oil is a finite resource, just as coal is.  Whereas Tea Partiers say our foresight is too unrealistic.  I also think There are Democrats who drive hybrids, and fuel efficient cars, and then there are Democrats who have families and need that SUV or Caravans to transport them. All these other points look good though.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I would add the fact that many of the Tea Bagger followers are driven by their racism. To paraphrase the defeated Republican congressman from South Carolina who lost a primary to a tea bagger crazy, “I am from the South. I love the South. I also know racism when I see it, and I see much of it driving the spittle-spewing hate of those people.”

      They look around and see an African-American in the White House, a population that in the next generation will have a majority of non-white citizens, a government no longer controlled by the right wing of the Republican party. They are scared sh**less, as my Daddy used to say.