Republican Chairman Off the Deep End on Afghanistan


    Sad to say – and I say that because Michael Steele has been great to have around, from a Democratic perspective – this could be the end for the RNC chairman, after he “was caught on camera saying that the war in Afghanistan is a doomed effort launched by President Obama.” According to TPM, “high profile Republicans — operatives and electeds — will come forward shortly with condemnations, and even demands of resignation, later today.”  

    We’ll miss you, Mr. Steele, stay in touch. Oh, and please — keep talking!

    • Teddy Goodson

      I suspect that, even though “high profile Republicans” may make Mr. Steele apologize or publicly regret his words, the truth is just the same as in Senator Barton’s case: he only said what the rest of the Repub big wheels believe, and the only thing they regret is having to apologize and trying to make it look sincere.

    • Shenandoah Democrat

      Steele’s goose is not cooked just yet. Dems should hope he’ll stick around through the election as it will help us obviously characterize the repubs as just out of touch and out of it. Pray for Steele’s survival.