Scott Brown Enrages Tea Partiers, Campaigns for Rob Wittman


    Sen. Scott Brown’s coming to campaign – actually, raise money – for Rep. Rob Wittman (R-1). The only problem is, if you check out Brown’s Facebook page, the “tea partiers” are extremely pissed at him for his announced decision to vote for financial reform legislation. Here’s a sampling, typos (e.g, “rhino” instead of “RINO,” “you’re” instead of “your”, etc., etc.) included.

    *”Dear Senator Brown, You are a deceitful man, a “rhino”… a snake in the grass….. you’re kind will pay in November… ..l., _ ,.l..”

    *”Senator Brown, you are a disgrace to the GOP. You are part of the problem. I hope the voters of Mass. vote your sorry butt out and replace you with a REAL fiscal conservative. You are part of the reason why the Tea Parties exist! Electing you was a HUGE mistake.”

    *”Scott, you are just another RINO. I supported your campaign and I now regret it. I wish I had my $ 100.00 donation back.”

    *”Scott you have let us down. 2012 is coming sooner than you think!!!”

    *”You have lost my support.”

    For what it’s worth, I strongly support Brown’s decision to back President Obama’s financial reform legislation. I strongly encourage him to also support comprehensive, clean energy and climate legislation. Thank you Scott Brown, and enjoy the 1st CD of Virginia!  Ha.

    • antonio_m_elias

      When Scott Brown was elected every Conservative and Republican in America loved him.  I don’t blame them – if we elected a Democratic Senator from Utah I wouldn’t care if they voted with Republicans 80% of the time, if he/she wanted to do a fundraiser for a Democrat in Virginia we’d welcome it!

      Also – if they think Brown will lose in Massachusetts in 2012 because he’s not conservative enough they’re past delusional.

    • Va Breeze