Home National Politics Scott Rigell Opposes Historic Wall Street Reform Bill

Scott Rigell Opposes Historic Wall Street Reform Bill


That specific bill has some things that I think are going to be hurtful for business” – Scott Rigell (Republican nominee for Congress, 2nd CD)

It’s nice to know that Scott Rigell has his priorities straight, caring more about Wall Street than Main Street. I’d love to hear Mark Warner, a better (and richer) businessman than used-car-dealer (and “cash for clunkers” beneficiary) Scott Rigell will ever be, respond to this ridiculous and unfounded accusation.

  • libra

    his priorities (Wall Street vs Main Street); the whole statement is so nebulous as to be of less value than BS (cow pats, when dried, can be useful for fire starting). “Some things”? What things? “Hurtful for businesses”? Which businesses? Because not the small and smallish ones, which constitute about 80% (if not more) of US businesses. The only time he even gets near specifics is when he says “this specific bill”.

    Must have been one hell of a used car salesman 🙂