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The Homestead Retreat Smells Worse and Worse


Just when you thought The Homestead retreat couldn’t smell any worse, NLS comes up with another stinky angle. This time it’s Kemper Consulting, one of the co-chairs of the retreat. I strongly recommend that you read NLS’s article, including his three scenarios about what might be going on here. The bottom line is that none of those scenarios are attractive, to put it mildly, from a good government point of view. As one commenter writes, “A lobbying firm that essentially is being used as a slush fund to mask corporate and taxpayer funded contributions is concerning and eliminates the benefits of our no limit full disclosure laws.” Boy, do we ever need campaign finance reform in Virginia.

  • Dan Sullivan

    Nevermind, it’s something that matters and might actually be the kind of reform that can give us back our voice.

  • TomPaine

    but with all the “real” corruption and grand larceny that goes on in Richmond and DC, I am surprised how alleged progressives are allowing themselves to be diverted by Ben Tribbett’s feigned outrage over minor petty larceny by the Democratic caucus and mostly small-fry Republican and Democratic lobbyists at the Homestead Resort.

    Sorry boys and girls, I find it hard to be condemning the piano player in bar of the whore house when the prime immorality is what is happening on the second floor!